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The Hot Sauce Committee - You Light Me Up


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The Hot Sauce Committee is a band that captured the hearts of Chicagoans with their #BoyBandReview shows transporting audiences back in time to the days of frosted tips and hunky frontmen professing their undying love, playing covers and originals.

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The Hot Sauce Committee is a 90’s cover band from Chicago.  They bring full production lights, video, and a million “Peppermint Lattes” worth of energy. They also bring some sweet hip thrusts and air grabs performed perfectly “N SYNC”.  They have a slew of themed sets up their sleeves that includes a BOY BAND NIGHT and their staple 90’s DANCE PARTY! The SAUCE is spreading nationwide playing memorable events like the NHL Stadium Series, Dustin Diamond’s Bayside Bash, Yelp’s Chi-beria Sendoff, Summerfest in Milwaukee and more.  With Serv on the lead vocals, Bender on guitar, Nick-Lightning on Bass, and Danger-Russ on Drums; these boys bring a crazy fun show to any stage they are on. They just released their EP (You Light Me Up) which features a number of Hot Sauce Style'd Covers, their original track: You Light Me Up, and a mash up with Andy Gibb's Shadow Dancing. (approved by Barry Gibb himself) 

Press Release
The Band Released Their Debut Album You Light Me Up (EP) And Will Play A Headlining Set At House Of Blues Chicago
Chicago, IL (October 27, 2015) - The Hot Sauce Committee has captured the hearts of Chicagoans with their #BoyBandReview shows that transport audience members back in time to the days of frosted tips and hunky frontmen professing their undying love. 
Due to overwhelming fan demand, The Hot Sauce Committee has finally recorded and released their first studio project, You Light Me Up (EP). The EP is complete with fans favorite Hot Sauce covers, PLUS a Saucy orginal! And one extra special track, “Do It Right” -- a musical creation that mixes Andy Gibbs’ “Shadow Dancing” with a dash of Hot Sauce to give it an extra kick. The new twist on this old classic even earned a thumbs up from Barry Gibb himself.
You Light Me Up (EP) is available now on iTunes as well as at any of The Hot Sauce Committee live shows, including one extra Saucy #BoyBandReview at the House of Blues on Friday, November 6th.
Listen Here:
You Light Me Up (EP)
1.  Do It Right  (Andy Gibb Cover)
2. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - (Backstreet Boys Cover)
3. Baby One More Time (Britney Spears Cover)
4. You Light Me Up (Original)
5. Maniac (Michael Sembello Cover)
6. Pop (*NSYNC Cover)
The Hot Sauce Committee are:
Serv “The Bad Boy”
Bender “The Glue”
Nick Lightening “The Dreamboat”
Danger-russ “The Loner”
Johnny Chainsaw “The Boy Next Door”
Find out more about their Saucy adventures at www.thehotsaucecommittee.com and www.boybandreview.com.
For more information or press inquiries, contact Roger Jansen at roger@kmamanagement.com or 773-251-4567.

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