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Vitne - Endless Blue - EP

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Indie Progressive solo rock artist from the US and living in Norway. Vitne combines the spirit of the glam rock 80s with modern progressive rock, aiming for initiating reflection and soul searching.

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Artist Biography

Born in Charleston, SC USA, Vitne moved to Norway in 2010 and has been a member of various bands before launching his solo career in early 2013.  With influences ranging from Japanese rock like Gackt and X Japan, glam rock like Motley Crue and Alice Cooper, even over to Jethro Tull and video game soundtracks, Vitne weaves together an intimate style of indie progressive rock in his newest EP, Endless Blue.  Endless Blue has won the praise of numerous blogs and critics since it's release and won "Best Rock EP" and "Executive Top Pick" by the Akadamia Awards in September.

Press Release
Norway's Vitne Reaping the Positivity of Endless Blue's Big Heart
November 1, 2015 - Oslo, Norway

It has been a few months since solo artist Vitne's Endless Blue hit the shelves in late July, his follow-up EP to the 2013 album Neon. While Neon is an album full of nostalgic-feeling glam metal anthems and gothic hard rockers, Endless Blue embarks on a more personal and progressive journey.

Called a "little EP with a lot of heart" by friends, fans, and reviewers alike, Endless Blue has received an overwhelmingly positive response since it's release July 28th, 2015.  It's indie progressive style has warmed hearts throughout the world, with 100% Rock Magazine saying "he's got something special going on..." and Sleepingbag Studios commenting, "I can't express enough just how much the EP blew-away the expectations I had of Vitne's music, and just how much the soft & sincere side impressed me." On top of that, Vitne has been giving it out for free.  Vitne believes that if it has the potential to mean something profound to someone, to provoke change or happiness, that is payment enough.

Vitne's Endless Blue is available on CD as well as iTunes and Bandcamp digital download, or for free directly from Vitne.net.

About Vitne:
Vitne is an indie progressive solo rock artist from the United States now living in Norway.  With influences ranging wide from Gackt, X Japan, Motley Crue, Billy Idol all the way to Jethro Tull and video game soundtracks, Vitne's sound has grown into what he calls "happily a little different."  Vitne performs the majority of the instruments including flute, guitar, bass and all vocals, while he is joined by Beautiful Beast lead guitarist Julian Angel and drummer Phil Robertson.

Website: www.Vitne.net

 Source: Kagami Entertainment

 Email:  vitne@vitne.net

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