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Aaron Mazarati - Torn EP

Hip Hop/Pop/EDM/Rock

Los Angeles
United States of America

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Los Angeles artist, Aaron Mazarati is been gaining a lot of attention with his last 3 projects out in Los Angeles, CA. Hailing from Portland, OR& Seattle, WA, Aaron Mazarati is the latest addition to the ranks of talented modern Hip Hop artists.

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Artist Biography

If it's not too much, I'd like to go ahead and introduce myself...I'm a Hip Hop/Pop Artist & Multi-Genre Songwriter by the name, Aaron Mazarati. Originally from Portland, OR, & Seattle, WA, but now based in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Since relocating to LA, I've been gaining a lot of attention from recent projects, "Popped Clutch EP" & "DIY EP". Now I've got a NEW project I just released called the "TORN EP". To lead off this phenomenal project we have "XO", Produced by The Hafwayz. The debut single is just a section of the overall story of the album, the internal battle of whether to be in a relationship or not. Something we all have been through at one point.
Credits extend from: Three Universal Studios Film Song Placements, Residency Shows, Two Tours, #'s keep going up, and the list continues to go and grow on and on and on. 
Anything else you could ever want to know about me is all in the links. Can't wait to hear back from you guys. 
God bless,
-Aaron Mazarati

Press Release
Rising Artist Aaron Mazarati Releases 3rd EP “Torn.”
Los Angeles based hip-hop artist Aaron Mazarati presents his highly anticipated 3rd project, an EP titled Torn. The eight song project is A. Mazarati’s most polished and honest work to date. The EP is a personal ride as A.M. takes listeners through his world of relationships and their many stages.  With production appearances from industry veterans MF Doom, Handsome Boy Modeling School & others, Aaron Mazarati is blatantly proving that he’s here to stay. 
Album Artwork and Press Photo Attached
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About Aaron Mazarati:
Hailing from the northwest and relocated to Los Angeles, Mazarati is the latest addition to the ranks of talented modern hip hop artists. Influenced by so many musical aspects, you get a Pop/Rock/Electronic/Rap vibe in a condensed lyrical approach. 

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