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The After Hours Project - The After Hours Project

Country Rock

New Mexico
United States

Band Description

The After Hours Project has a grassroots sound combined with a country flair and touches of classic rock.

Artist Biography

The After Hours Project ( www.afterhoursproject.com ) started out as a simple dream. Alphia Reisenauer wanted the songs in her head to come to life. She took one of her songs to Garrett Hobson at Studio Productions of Tularosa and had him produce it. Garrett convinced her that she needed to produce more than one. He contended that if people liked her music they would want to hear more of it. She agreed and brought more to the studio. Her dream grew with every song and took flight.
She found people along the way that joined in her endeavor. Darrell Hall and Barbie Gibson co-wrote the words and some of the music to "Whisky Wind," Jayme Berry played the Keyboard for "Turnaround," and Ed Barraza joined in on the djembe for "Disqualified." Ronnie Brockett sang lead vocals and Donnie Burt and Barbie Gibson sang backup vocals. Garrett Hobson played lead guitar and bass. It was coming together. Garrett asked her what she would like to call the project. Alphia's response was since they worked on the project in the evenings and weekends it should be called "The After Hours Project."
More and more people joined in on the dream. Sara Chambers painted her album cover and Round Sound Records put her cd cover together and mass produced it. The dream was now a living creation. The After Hours Project was no longer in her head but in her hands and Alphia wants to put it into your hands. Now it's your turn to become a part of this simple dream--it's the best part-- listen, and enjoy!

Press Release
January 8, 2015

New music album with notes of grassroots, country, and classic rock: The Aftet Hours Projec (www.afterhoursproject.com ) available in stores Januay 12, 2015. The  After Hours Project is a new mini album created by Alphia Reisenauer, Darrell Hall, and Barbie Gibson of Alamogordo, New Mexico and produced and recored at Sound Productions of Tularosa by Garrett Hobson.
This lively blend of grassroots sounds with some country, classic rock and blues mix to create a unique, cate or coffee house style sound.
The album's lead artist Ronnie brockett displays her versatile vocla skils in ger gritty rendition of "Whisky Wind," her smooth croon on "Disqualified," and her clean belt on the ballad "Tunaround."
Listenable samples are found at www.amazon.com, Itunes, google play and many other stores. The After Hours Project by Alphia Reisenauer link: www.afterhoursproject.com

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