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Samadhi Vibration - Mahaparty

New Age, Electronic Mantra Music

Capital Federal
Buenos Aires

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Samadhi Vibration covers the diverse genrers of Electronic Music, New Age and Chill Out, fusing it creatively with Sacred Mantras and Devotional Songs, resulting in an original and unique combination. - See more at: http://www.samadhivibration.com

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Born into a family of musicians, sculptors, and painters, Nora Quinzi started practicing yoga with her mother at an early age. Her interest in music developed through her exploration of devotional Hindu songs and dances (mantras, bhajans, and kirtans). She studied lyrical singing with leading singers of the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires, including the distinguished Argentine sopranos Sofía Bandin and Nelly Romanella. While studying jazz and musical improvisation, Nora recorded a repertoire as a jazz vocalist. She has covered diverse musical genres, and performed as a vocalist in rock, pop, jazz, house, and techno ensembles. The Goethe Institute of Buenos Aires presented her with the award of ´Revelation Artist of the Year´.  Attracted by the native rhythms and music of the East, she pursued advanced studies of its dances. She trained in Arabian and Egyptian dances with renowned national and international professors, such as Shokry Mohamed, Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Hassaan Saber and Mohamed El Sayed. Nora has participated in ceremonies and native dance, music, and sacred chanting events in her travels to Egypt, Spain, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Fiji, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.    She graduated with honors as a professor of Acharya Yoga from the Centro Yoga Argentina Patanjali. Subsequently, she undertook complementary studies and successfully completed a specialized course in Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage. She is also a qualified instructor of Chi-Kung and a master-level practitioner of both Egyptian and Usui Reiki.  Lama Geshe Lobsang Tsundue, from the Gaden Shartse Monastery, initiated her in Medicine Buddha, and she later studied Tibetan Buddhism and Indian Sacred Scriptures with Lama Trinle Drubpa.    She has been teaching Egyptian belly dancing for over ten years at the   “Nur Sajadhah” studio she runs in Buenos Aires, where she also facilitates workshops on meditational dances, Sufí spinning, yoga, and ayurvedic massage among others.    She has written articles on art, health, and Eastern philosophy for several specialized magazines and newspapers such as La Barca, sponsored by the Secretariat of Culture of Buenos Aires City. Passionate for native sacred music, Nora is presently devoted to fusing cutting-edge electronic music with mantras and sacred chants from diverse cultures as the vocalist, composer and producer with the group Samadhi Vibration  - See more at:
Daniel Saban is a Music Productor and Electromechanical Engineer.  As  commercial pilot he was a Director of CD Line flight school.  Attended several trainings of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Yoga. He traveled several times to India for coaching trainings and teamwork workshops. Partner in life with Nora, they are also sharing the musical journey together producing Samadhi Vibration. - See more at:

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