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Omar Soriano - Todavia te Amo

Latin Pop


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Your classic nerd-turned-cool, Omar Soriano was a cellar-dweller making Hip Hop beats out of classic records, and eventually graduating to keyboards in order to recreate the Funk and Jazz the masters were sampling. After doing Rap and Soul for 20 years, he reconnected with his Latin Roots five years ago and migrated to Salsa music, bringing his soulful approach to Latin music.
Equally knowledgeable in Classic Soul and Afro-Cuban rare grooves as he is in cutting edge synthesis and electronic technique, Soriano’s sound combines the past and the future into funky, accessible Latin Pop.  Omar Soriano is on a quest to recontextualize Afro-Cuban music for the 21st century, and to make people dance in the process.
His instrument of choice is the Chromatone CT-312, an isomorphic keyboard, based on the Janko layout.
Bio: Hassan Farrow
Hassan Farrow is an actor/singer/songwriter/vocal arranger/ performer & model at 24 years of age and located in Brooklyn, NY. His passion for music is shown through his sultry, sexy and sizzling array of hip-hop, R&B, neo-soul and bluesy ballads. More than seeing him and hearing him, the listener feels him, like they did back in the eras of Marvin Gaye and Peabo Bryson. 

He has been singing since he could articulate, spending many of his school years performing in festivals and cultural events. Born in Spain, raised in the U.S., both east and west coasts, his global seed has been planted.  Recording studios have been a part of his regimen since the tender age of 14. As a teenager, he worked with producers from Sony and Jive Records. 
He loves singing desperate ballads and admits he can relate to some of the situations he sings about. Ed Fletcher (producer/songwriter/author) lyricist of Grandmaster Flash's street saga super rap hit "The Message," say's of Farrow, "This young man has it . When he sings, you hear someone much older than his years." Today, not many male vocalists offer the depth and sensitivity of Hassan. His vocal character is distinct.


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