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Kerry Wallace - Winter Left a Rose

country, americana, folk, bluegrass

United States

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Kerry Wallace Artist Bio
"I want the listener to feel my heartfelt conviction, passion and sensitivity when I sing so they experience it like they were living it." - Kerry Wallace

In today's world, real music has become a rarity. Genuine music does still exist, you just have to know where to look … like in the Kerry WallaceWilds of Wyoming. It is there that singer/songwriter Kerry Wallace stands steadfastly against the wind - sowing stories from seed into song. The result is an authentic and incomparable blend of folk, country, bluegrass and Americana, branded into a style all her own.
“I've spent years nurturing things to live,” she explains. “I’ve raised children and everything from livestock to crops.” And now, Kerry has found time to nurture something else that is near and dear to her heart; her music.
Kerry’s musical identity began within her family – which remains as central today in her music as it was for her in her youth. Her mother was a pianist, her father played guitar. With musical siblings, the muses were alive and well within the walls of the Wallace home. She was immersed with the sound of folk and country coming from the radio, classical from her mom’s piano, and the almost nightly live family jams (that even grandpa would join!) Indeed, Kerry had fertile ground to grow musically.
Kerry Wallace
Trained classically in piano and music theory and playing the guitar by the age of eight, it would be the six-string that would eventually become her favorite instrument. With tongue-in-cheek Kerry notes that “…the guitar was just so much easier to carry around than the piano!” She spent hours strumming along to the albums of artists such as Tanya Tucker, James Taylor and Emmylou Harris. By fifteen, she was performing as a solo act in coffeehouses, pubs, and with a folk group alongside a bookmobile in New Mexico. In her twenties she performed in New Mexico and Colorado in a duo called Brown & Thomas. 
Kerry grew up in the rural Rocky Mountains, and has lived from New Mexico to Montana, but it is Wyoming she calls home. She explains, “Each place we lived was a source of inspiration.” The different people, weather, culture, landscapes, and traditions were forming the creative ideas, themes and insights she would turn into songs. 
For the two decades Kerry was riding the Wyoming range, meeting ranchers and absorbing their wisdom and stories, her music career wasn't dormant – besides branding cattle, she was literally branding her own genre, playing with bands in Wyoming and Montana. Then her father and uncle - both integral to her musical development as a child – said they wished she would record an album. It was her family once again that had brought her full-circle, back to music, and her friends would help her bring that vision to life.
Kerry entitled her debut album Songs to Sing and Tales to Tell. The album is a deeply personal journey including eight covers, two traditional selections, and four originals. Three of the originals were penned by Wallace; “Cold Wind Blowin,” “Love Rains Down,” and “Alone Again,” which are emotive journeys into love, loss, betrayal and life decisions. The album was produced, mixed and engineered by Ben Winship at Henhouse Recording Studio in Idaho.
Kerry Wallace
Her first release to radio was in late 2013, with “Love Rains Down,” a melodic introspective journey correlating weather and emotion. With Kerry’s perfect pitch and velvet-rich vocals – she is able to create soundscape that accurately takes the listener on a journey; this is exemplified by her “Cold Wind Blowin’,” with touches of country western and folk, where the listener is whisked away by the violin-laden storyline to the frozen tundra of Wyoming.
In 2013, she formed a band called Bluesage and Lace, with banjo ace Larry Roetzel and songwriter Cal Winland. Winland’s song “Under the Wyoming Moon” was also included on Songs to Sing and Tales to Tell. She has recently begun working with J.K Coltrain’s Colt Records in Nashville and in 2014 is gathering new material for her next album.
Kerry’s songwriting reflects her country life – and she has branded a genre all her own. Don’t call it country, don’t call it blues – brand this as R.E.A.L. music. Everyone’s life is a story and Kerry Wallace has spent her lifetime gathering, experiencing, and feeling those stories; they are the seeds of her songs, and are coming to fruition.
Kerry Wallace Management
Nicole Gerace

Press Release
Kerry Wallace’s latest offering, Winter Left a Rose, is an authentic blend of traditional country music with hints of folk – all served on her back porch.

There's a certain magic that comes across the stage each time Kerry performs. I see it and the audience loves her!- Johnny Counterfit | Comedian - Impressionist
(RIVERTON, WYOMING, U.S.A.) March 21st, 2015Kerry Wallace writes and performs a rare brand of real country music – yet has also lived it! In Wyoming’s ‘Cattle Country,’ she has spent many Kerry Wallacenights camped out on the range, playing guitar and writing songs – (when not working.)It's within this setting Wallace's latest offering took root. Eleven songs blossom on her new CD entitled, Winter Left a Rose.
Kerry explains her inspiration, "I stopped to rest my horse on the trail. I looked around and in the melting snow and noticed a tiny rose rising into the early spring sun. With that vision, I created this album.”
Stylistically, Winter Left a Rose is a blend of Kerry's authentic country music with hints of Americana and folk. Kerry defines her sound as, “Made from scratch, home-cooked music, all served right off of my back porch.”
The offerings on the Winter Left a Rose are a mix of newly written originals by Wallace – as well as previously unreleased compositions from other songwriters. The key tracks penned by Kerry include, “Winter Left a Rose,” “Memories of Mama,” and “An Old Picture Show.” Kerry also plans to release “If You Want to Change My Mind,” a new tune written by Nashville’s Bob Dellaposta. Just a few of the covers featured on Winter Left a Rose include Tom T. Hall and Dixie Hall’s, “Local Flowers,” and Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Halley Came to Jackson.”
In support of the album, Wallace has performances slated at various spring and summer festivals with her band, Bluesage and Lace. The first of these is the Floretta Harter Memorial Bluegrass Festival, which runs from May 29th through May 31st. On June 26th through June 28th, Kerry will perform at the Black Hills Bluegrass Festival with special guest, renowned fiddler Isaac Callendar. She will round out her gigs with an appearance at the Fremont County Fair in Riverton, Wyoming performing from July 29th through August 1st. Kerry Wallace has been busy this past winter! She often says, “Life is all about taking time to take the trails.” As springtime hits, Kerry’s fans are discovering eleven new “tracks” in the melting snow - and that indeed… “Winter Left a Rose.”
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