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Misconducters - Boundless

Hard Rock

São Paulo

Band Description

Power trio performes creative original old school hard rock music with a fair dose of musicianship.

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Press Release
The Misconducters started in early 2008 in England, where Den, its founder, lived for almost 10 years, recently returning to live in Brazil, where he got together with local musicians for a new incarnation of the power trio.
The idea has always been to make a sound free from fashions or trends. The lyrics cover a wide range of topics on human (mis) behaviour and play a fundamental role in Misconducters’ music.
They played extensively in the UK including support to bands like Discharge and Midway Still plus many other top notch underground bands of different genres.
The discography comprises 4 EPs and 3 albums, "Boundless" being the latest. The official release date was 17th February 2015 thanks to the collective efforts of the following labels/distros: Terceiro Mundo Chaos, Metal Reunion, Bagaça Records and Denfire Records.

Further info: www.misconducters.com

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