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Lachi - The Boss

Pop / Dance

New York City
New York

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NYC's Award nominated Pop/R&B Songstress Lachi, mixes catchy yet empowering lyrics with a soulful & powerful vocal style. "Boss" the single off the new "Boss EP" has been featured in Oxygen's Bad Girls Club and is being released by Trend Def/SONY.

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A prolific songwriter, page writer and artist, Lachi has been creating and performing music since she was four years old.  Overcoming adversity is the name of the continued theme throughout Lachi’s personal, professional and artistic life. Growing up in a combination of West Philly, Upstate New York and North Carolina, the sixth of seven children to West African Immigrant parents, hard work, education and adaptation remained the primary focus of her family.  Yet being a social pariah and having gone through many social tribulations throughout school due to her legal blindness, Lachi found solace in playing her keyboard and writing songs, short stories and comics. Her mother encouraged her constant hurl of creativity allowing Lachi to develop a very vast, self-sustaining imagination.
After graduating from college, Lachi began to actively pursue a life in music and writing, moving to New York City to record a jazz album while writing her first serious novel. Determined never to allow her disability to hold her back, Lachi recorded and released her solo piano/vocal jazz album, a sober yet quirky mix of wordplay and fun chord progressions. She then put a band together and recorded the Ugly Beautiful EP, a more mature Adult Contemporary EP, full of colorful messages of empowerment and realness.  In this EP, with songs like “Broke My Heart” and “Ugly Beautiful,” Lachi demonstrates a strong songwriting prowess, with catchy melodies atop powerful and uplifting lyrical content.
She then got picked up by Fanatic Records/EMI Caroline (now Fanatic Promotion), who spotted her at a South by Southwest showcase and signed her for one album. They put out the pop-rock album, “Lachi,” which though edgier and more confident, continued to shower listeners with her message of inner-growth and strength. The album garnered her much press and attention, landing her on Oprah Radio and winning her national TV and radio spins. The album made it through to the first round of Grammy nominations.
Juggling a day-job at the Army Corps of Engineers and working on her music and writing began to tear her focus away from the arts; so she left her desk job to pursue music fulltime.  She then teamed up with Ray Archie, CEO of Music is my First Language and Kiaynu Kim of 3P Music Productions to put out “It’s Our Time,” a song she wrote to aid in the launch of MIMFL’s social music collaboration platform, Mixluv. She also flew out to L.A. to record new tracks with Trend Def Studios while putting the finishing touches on her first full-length novel, “The Ivory Staff.”
 Apart from scoring a book deal with innovative publisher, Library Tales Publishing, Lachi inked a distribution deal with Trend Def’s Sony Music imprint to release the EP she recorded at their studios, The Boss EP.  Again an album of empowerment, with songs such as “Boss” and “Champion,” the EP is a high-energy foray into commercial pop/dance, touched with a myriad of dub and effects. Lachi even dabbles in a bit of quirky rapping.
Lachi progressed from the lyrics of her first jazz album, “I never decide upon anything right,” to the lyrics of The Boss EP, “I’m feeling like a sexy independent,” showcasing her personal growth in internal confidence, all the while keeping that true message of empowerment and overcoming adversity.
www.lachimusic.com - twitter.com/ulachi – facebook.com/lachimusic – www.mlachi.com

Press Release
Pop/R&B Songbird Lachi to Release “The Boss EP” June 23rd with Sony Music Distribution
NYC’s Songstress Lachi will Release “The Boss EP” on June 23rd with Trend Def  | Sony Music Distribution and a Mercury Lounge Release Show to Follow on June 28th
New York City's award nominated Pop/R&B Songstress Lachi, mixes catchy yet empowering lyrics with uplifting soulful melodies and a unique, powerful vocal style. A performer and recording artist, author and arts activist, Lachi's has worked with numerous acclaimed producers and songwriters, including Mike Gonsolin and Nick Nittoli of Hollywood’s Trend Def Productions.  It was with this hit-making duo that she wrote the Pop/EDM songs on The Boss EP.
The tunes on this EP have already seen some major placements including a placement of the “What it Feels Like” instrumental on E’s Total Diva’s, but most significantly a feature of the single track, “Boss” on Bad Girls Club’s Reunion Season.  Placed at a rather intense moment in the season, where resident Bad Girl, Natalie, is removed from the show for being a little too bad for the club, Lachi’s lyrics, “I’m feeling Like a Boss. Can’t nobody tell me nothing,” resonates as Natalie recants on how she’s got to get back to Running L.A….like a Boss.
Trend Def will be releasing The Boss EP through its global Sony Music Distribution Imprint on June 23rd, just in time for the hot new summer singles. Lachi will then follow up the release with an EP-Release show at the renowned Mercury Lounge in New York’s hopping Lower East Side. Boston’s buzzing Electronic/Hip-Hop Lyrical Nerd Jprizm will open up the night with Intellectual Rap, making for a night of elegant and empowering Urban and Pop music.

From edgy music and wildly impassioned performances, to tech-collaborations and published novels, Lachi showcases an epitome of female strength and prowess as she continues to rollout consistently high-quality content.  Be sure to procure a copy of Lachi’s Boss EP on June 23rd and her subsequent live show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge on June 28th and see why Oprah Radio deems her, "The real deal!"

Lachi is available for interview.  Please contact info@lachimusic.com to set up a time that is convenient.
 Please visit Lachi’s website at www.lachimusic.com for more information, including mp3's, full bio, and downloadable photo’s.

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