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Mina Koo (Koomina) - Beautiful Thing

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Mina Koo (Koomina) is an international dance pop artist, based in LA, also getting popular in NY and Seoul. She has been tearing up stages, with her unique blend of world music and high-energy club anthems, across the country and the ocean.

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If Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Madonna ever had a crazy one night stand, the lovechild of that musical affair could only be described as.. Mina Koo.
She’s headlined famous LA venues such as The Mint, House of Blues, and Whisky a Go-Go as well as heating up the dance floors with her debut album “Mina.” Known for her dynamic choreography and commanding stage presence, a live performance from Mina is not one you will soon forget..
While still a child, Mina won several talent contests, as well as having her songs featured on nationally syndicated TV channel KBS. Her love for music continued to develop, and soon she began playing piano and guitar, as well as performing with a diverse group of multicultural musicians.
Shortly after the release of “Mina” the track “More Than a Crush" received placement in indie film "Lady Beard," as well as on MTV reality show "Challenge: Battle of the Exes”. Another track "Jini" was featured in the popular E! network's TV Show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Most recently, Mina's club anthem "Troubadours (Dance Floors)" was selected as a Finalist in the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest!
While Mina Koo was busy tearing up stages across the country, from the busy streets of New York City to her current home in Hollywood, California, she got called to record Korean versions for two of her songs, for Kpop fans. In 2014, she also got invited to perform for some of the most high-profile shows in Korea, such as Yeosu Music Festival, Itaewon Global Village Music Festival, and Buil Film Award Ceremony at Busan International Film Festival.   
With the warm reception of her debut for both US pop and Kpop worlds underway, Mina plans to continue collaborating, writing, recording and touring worldwide; unleashing her unique blend of world music and high-energy club anthems as the soundtrack for the next generation of pop fans worldwide. 

Press Release
The LA based Mina Koo (Koomina), an international dance pop artist, just released her special edition EP “Beautiful Thing,” where her Korean single “Beautiful Thing” is featured at the first track.  This EP also includes 2015 version of “More Than A Crush,” which had received placement in MTV reality show "Challenge: Battle of the Exes,” as well as the popular E! network's TV Show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." when it was first exposed through the first release of her self titled album “Mina” in 2012. 
Mina also released two brand new videos, both of which are very fun to watch, sharing lovely and sexy energy, in line with the vibes of “Beautiful Thing” and “More Than A Crush.”  
Koomina released her comeback music video for “Beautiful Thing,” where she shows off her cute and playful charms. … the music has a cool club beat as she walks into room and throws off her jacket. Her dancing around the room shows that she definitely knows how to have a good time. The addictive club beat and trendy outfits throughout the music video bring together the scenes and illustrate the concept for her comeback.” - says Koreaboo.com, one of the most uprising Kpop online magazines. 
“The new song has been doing well and, with a catchy chorus, it is not surprising that so many love the song. … Koomina is looking stylish and adorable in the music video. In the video she cutely dances in cute dresses, dances in front of a mirror, cutely plays around in the kitchen and gets a little sexy playing with balloons and a stuffed teddy bear. … the concept sort of works with the song which is about a a woman being in love and being her boyfriend’s beautiful thing.” – says gossiplifeasia.com, the Asian arm of gossiplifehollywood.com.
K-Pop Korner, Europe’s one and only radio show dedicated to delivering the best Korean music, introduced her second video, by saying, “Koomina has recorded this rather studding video to accompany one of her tracks from her #BeautifulThing” EP. The song is called #MoreThanACrush and wow, we certainly have more than a crush right now…! Very catchy dance hook, especially the chorus - we love it! … Everyone else, simply enjoy the wonderful Mina…”
Mina shared on her G+ page, about this second video, as follows
“For the past year, I got repackaged as #Koomina with some cool K-pop people, and sometimes I needed to get back to myself, just being the raw Mina, simply being who I am. … In this video, the girl is entering a space where she can talk to herself through dancing around the pole. This is when healing and freedom happen. … I am here, your girl #MinaKoo, being wild and playful. <3 i="">
Obviously Mina has extended and deepened her artistic language for the past year.  Now, Mina seems to be ready, inside and outside, with her unique blend of world music and high-energy club anthems as the soundtrack for the next generation of pop fans worldwide. 

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