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Christine Storm - Enter the Storm


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The Pop/Rock/EDM tracks feature soaring vocals by Storm with traces of classic rock which has deeply influenced her and the dance-infused pop sound of her new music. Follow her journey at


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Christine Storm immediately commands attention. With a robust voice, penetrating delivery, and bluesy sense of heart, she confidently captivates on her forthcoming full-length debut album. Be forewarned. There’s a seductive and soulful Storm gathering on the horizon right now in Reno, NV and it’s about to consume listeners everywhere.
Majoring in theater at the University of Idaho, the singer and songwriter began honing her chops early on. She went on to front the band Mansion with longtime collaborator Jerry Spikula and led countless international cabaret tours. These jaunts would land all over the world from Las Vegas to Greece, placing Christine in front of elite audiences that included power players from all over the world.
Storm’s new music properly introduces the powerhouse chanteuse. She spent most of 2014 holed up in Spikula’s new Abbey West Studios, also tapping the production and songwriting talents of Grammy Award-nominated writer and producer Frank Greenfield [Rihanna, Beyoncé].
“Musically, I’m all over the map,” she declares. “When you’re on stage every night in the rock cabaret circuit, you have to adapt to whatever audience is in the house. So, you play it all from country to jazz to rock to pop. There are elements of all of those genres in my own style. That definitely shows on the album. I want people to get up and move when they hear me.”
Listeners will undoubtedly move when they hear her first single “Shoulda Coulda Woulda.” A simmering and sharp anthem, the track showcases her vocal prowess and knack for a vivid story.
“It’s about a woman who catches her guy cheating,” she explains. “The right move would be to get rid of him. It’s another touchy subject because we, as women, tend to put our heads in the sand. We don’t want to face this. In the video, the protagonist only wants to remember the good times, so she takes him back. She tells her girlfriends, ‘I just had to let him in to see what he had to say. One thing led to another, and now we’re back together.’ It captures those ups and downs of a turbulent relationship.”
Then, there’s the slinky and sexed-up “Quench Your Soul,” which illuminates another end of the spectrum for Christine. “The song essentially says, ‘I’ll turn your spark back on and make you feel sexy again,’” she elaborates.
“Raining Frogs” from the album directly draws attention to the looming issue of bullying. At the same time, she promotes awareness with her Jam for Joy Charity, which raises money for victims of bullying as well as for at risk students. 2015 saw the foundation host its first concert at LA Style Fashion Week in downtown Los Angeles.
At the end of the day, her music consistently spreads that kinetic energy.
“I want people moving their heads, tapping their feet, and dancing,” she leaves off. “I’ve seen the transformative power music possesses. Giving that feeling is my biggest goal. If you need a little energy or want to feel sexy, put on Christine Storm.”
The stage is hers, and she’s going to do big things.  

Press Release
POSSIBLE OR NOT? Can an “Indie Artist” ACTUALLY chart on Billboard without being signed to a “MAJOR” …. ?
SURE CAN! New Pop/Rock Chanteuse, Christine Storm, signed to Industry Executive, Tiffany Gaines’ label SS Music Group, has been on Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 (No. 36) for the last two weeks with her new single “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” that features soaring vocals from a classic rock influence with a twist of dance-infused pop, and she doesn’t plan on stopping there. Recently collaborating with, son of Dr Dre, Curtis Young, she’s hoping to expand her reach of new “Storm Angels”, a term she uses to refer to her fans, with a sizzling electronic, dance single called "Enter the Storm". The new upbeat anthem sneaks in with a growing bass line that'll grab onto you refusing to let go. The short, sweet and straight to the point lyrics will have you humming, dancing and singing all throughout the day. If you haven’t heard it yet, both singles are available now at all online retailers worldwide.  So there you have it, indie artists TOO can top the charts!!!
Check out more from Christine Storm at www.christinestorm.com

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