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Rock Alliance - Keepin Rock Alive



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Rock Alliance is very energetic and full of life you would have to listen and Judge for yourself!! All that I can say is Hold On!!

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Rock Alliance debut single titled Kick speaks for itself..

Press Release
Rock Alliance is a project that came to life in August of 2014. The idea was to use different Artists from around the globe to perform on the music along with songwriter Stewart Sutherland. Sutherland began his search for Artists, Producers and Engineers who wanted to be a part of this project. Numerous contacts were made and the interest was immense, calls were coming in from all corners of the Globe. So the debut release was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Producer/Engineer Darren Magierowski and assited by Engineer Jill Zimmerman of Jukasa Studios. The track was titled "Kick" and was released on iTunes November 2014. Kick included a line up that comsisted of Vocalist Chris Hodges from LA, Drummer Phil Robertson (Ray Charles, Burton Cummings ect.) from Vancouver BC, Guitarist Marco Bressette from Hamilton Ontario and Bassist/Songwriter Stewart Sutherland (formerly from Black Stone) also from Ontario. To bring you the debut release Kick!!

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