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Apparently some people say I sound somewhat like Mearl Haggert, but the truth is I have been doing other peoples music for so many years and trying to give audiences a good faximaly of the original artist I don't know.But will always keep it country.

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Kim Lund has been a truck driver for over 24years but has been singing his whole life. He owned and operated his own Karaoke business right through the 90s, then started doing jam sessions with bands. Then on to recording. Now he,s breaking out with his new hit single (The Love In My Eyes)
I am registered with 365 Alive hoping to be reviewed, I also made a deal with Joe Wood ( MSDS) last year he covered all country markets in the USA aprox. 900 stations all have the song and my Biography already. The Song also seems to be doing very well in popularity on Jango Internet Radio( Jango. Com)
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Country music has always been in my heart and in my soul,that alone over the past 25 years or so slowly made me a better singer. Most country artists who ever made it big did it when they were young, I on the other hand couldn't sing at a professional level when I was young. Singing for me was always a passion as long as it was country everything else I just listend to and enjoyed.So I stuck it out, even started my own business doing Karaoke for over 9 years then sold out. Got to boring had to move to the next level singing jam sessions with bands ect.Always had the equipment set up at home my favorate past time was trying to improve my vocals and I constantly practiced in my spare time putting professional artists CD,s in and trying to follow them. You see a good way to get better at anything is to put up a challenge in front of yourself against somebody that can sing far better than you can or do anything far better than you can. My vocal chords slowly got stronger and more vocal keys started opening up, I was always getting a little bit better which is what kept me going. I assumed I would always just stay an amateur singing other peoples music and I may still be assuming right but in 2011 I wrote my first song all in my head witch came easy cause it was all from my heart that song is (The Love In My Eyes). Had no money at the time but was detour mend to record it and try to go to a much higher level in Country Music, did my best gave it my all,hope you all enjoy it. Kim Lund.

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