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Roll It Over - A New Life

Hard Rock

United States

Band Description

'A New Life' is Roll It Over's debut album. The album incorporates elements of Hard Rock, Alternative, Progressive, Metal and Indie band styles to create a steady flow of music that rises and falls with every emotion.

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Artist Biography

The band, formed in 2011, has featured many of the areas top musicians. Working together to create works of sonic architecture and emotional value. Music that will connect with the audience on varying levels. It's easy to be labeled as certain genre but Roll It Over aims to bend those rules and incorporate elements of all styles into its ever-growing sound.
Vaughn Lowery of 360 Mag says "Roll It Over is funky and cool. A hybrid of alternative, rock and pop. Clear vocals, dope instrumentation and stellar production. This band is a must listen. Guaranteed to hypnotize you." Over the past few years, Roll It Over has managed to build a fan base throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and has shared the stage with many well known acts including Saving Abel, Charm City Devils, 12 Stones, Smile Empty Soul, Hurt, The Dreaming, and Taproot.

Press Release
'A New Life,' released in October 2014, is the debut album for Roll It Over.  Recorded at Fairgreen Studios and Mixed and Mastered by Tony Correlli at The Deep End Studio. The album features 'Death Wish' which as received airplay in Maryland and 'When I Look at the Stars' which has a music video live on Vevo. Each song on the album has been carefully constructed to create atmosphere and feeling, which can be felt through the melodic vocal and guitar arrangements, and the raw energy provided by the bands powerful rhythm section. That, coupled with the work of producers Tony Correlli and Brian Melvin, give the album a larger than life sound.

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