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Guitar driven melodic pop-soul-folk-rock that captures a timeless classic sound with a contemporary edge for AOR, AC-Pop, AAA and rock formats. Emotive melody driven songs that uplift the soul with a sense of positivity and hopeful outcomes.

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Tina Martyn  Award-Winning Australian Singer-Songwriter-Musician
Tina Martyn is an award winning Australian singer-songwriter and musician who in her teens enjoyed radio 2 hits as a progressive country music artist and achieved respect as an outstanding guitarist sharing the stage with her old friends Keith Urban and guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel being sponsored by both Fender and Takamine Guitars at just 17 years of age. Drifting away from country, Tina has since evolved into a pop/folk/rock song driven artist of deep musicality and song perspective that connects strongly with women, but still appeals to men who seem to appreciate her powerful pitch-perfect vocals and guitar playing place that her among the best female artists of rock.
Now as an independent music artist Tina and her Producer David Jacobsen have called in the talents of 2 legends of pop music in Cindy Mizelle and Curtis King (singers for Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Sting etc) to provide the soulful background vocals on this first single “Lost In The Music”.
Everyone supporting Tina has jumped in believing that “Lost In the Music” should become an AOR/AC classic, and that Tina deserves for her new timeless classic pop sound to be heard on radio across America. 
Tina's new songs for her forthcoming album “Lost In The Music” sparks hints if her idols Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Carole King, Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crowe and Kate Bush. Appearing on most Australian television and concert stages Tina is a seasoned performer who has eared the respect of her peers.
An impeccable live vocalist the President of BMI attending Tina’s Nashville showcase at Bluebird Cafe once remarked that “Tina is the most in-tune live vocalist that he had ever seen”. 

Press Release
Monday October 3, 2014
Press Release: Tina Martyn "Lost In The Music" radio reléase
Tina Martyn is a multi-award winning recording artist from Newcastle Australia whose music captures the timeless essence of Carole King, the creative individuality of Annie Lennox, the fun loving and care freeness of Sheryl Crow and the poignant but feminine angst of Alanis Morissette.
With her own unique style Tina has transitioned from her highly successful career in country music to evolve into one of the most insightful contemporary songwriters of today, backed by the fact that she’s an outstanding guitarist and an impeccable vocalist.
With songs from the heart every song on Lost In The Music the album has a vision of hope and a sense of purpose. Tina's new sound is guitar driven melodic pop-soul-folk-rock that capture a timeless classic sound but straddle AOR, AC-Pop, AAA and rock formats. Emotive melody driven songs that uplift the soul with a sense of positivity and hopeful outcomes.
Lost In The Music radio single has recently been picked up across Europe and is enjoying radio airplay in over 30 countries. The intended followup release "The Sun's Coming Up" has also been picked up and is enjoying medium rotation across Europe.


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