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The Cardboard Crowns - Global Citizen



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They are a mighty clash of ska-beat,reggae,punk rock and community service wrapped up in a swirling frenzy of cardboard and out of Toronto Canada

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The Cardboard Crowns

Powered by the angst brought out by social injustice and a particularly strange zest for life, the Cardboard Crowns are becoming famous for their spontaneous and electrifying live shows, as well as their thought-provoking socio-political lyrics.

Lead vocalist Rat Crown and drummer Tokyo Speirs grew up together in Aylmer (Quebec), Canada spending much of their time jamming on pots-and-pans and an old hand-me-down classical guitar. It was in junior high-school that the duo would meet the most wicked long-haired, metal shredding guitarist the world could accommodate. This man was Mat "Googles" Meganety, and he was quickly wheeled into the band by Rat's smooth talking. 
They began experimenting with all sorts of musical ingredients, arranging them in each permutation, giving birth to three garage bands that would have a lasting impact on their music today: The Madd Fizz, The Fog Pilots, and The Rocket Propelled Space-Fish.

Several years later the band would finally discover what they had been missing all along. A crazy little French guy with a bass guitar, and a freight train of punk-rock energy! It was with the addition of this " Mystery Frank " that the Cardboard Crowns would begin their ascent into infamy. 
The Crowns won the grand prize for last years' "Live 88.5 Big Money Shot" in Ottawa and played shows with K-OS at last New Year's Eve Bash in Ottawa, as well as this summer's Folk Fest, and Toronto's Festival Of Beer! 

Press Release

The Cardboard Crowns from Toronto Canada have released their debut album entitled Global Citizen.

The single "Pulling Teeth" is ready for ADD-ON

For more info and radio or magazine interviews contact  Mat Meganety  at   thecardboardcrowns@gmail.com 


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