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Suvi (featuring Jay-5 Flow) - Tick Tock


Los Angeles

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"Tick Tock" is a song recorded by International entertainer SuVi (Suvi Suresh). Jay is up and coming in the Reggae genre both here and in Jamaica. "Tick Tock" and was written and produced by Paul Drago, LA Music Award winner and Abby Cubey.

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Artist Biography

"Tick Tock" is a song recorded by International entertainer (SuVi Suresh) for her first studio US Single. Featuring Jamaican rapper Jay-5 Flow, "Tick Tock" was released by JOJOKID Music as the lead single from her planned upcoming album. "Tick Tock" was written and produced by Paul Drago, LA Music Award Winner and 3 times nominated for "Feel My Fire", Abby Cubey.News-Flash - The recording was accepted as a Grammy entree for nomination in the field of "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance"  and "Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals" (Abby Cubey, Patrick F3TTO, Paul Drago, arrangers). World Peace One founder and musician Lawrence Freiberg assisted in the mix with up and coming EDM superstar F3ETTO. Mastered and Sonic Remix by Dave Allen of Senceisound..
"Tick Tock" is an up-tempo electronic dance song with a common time with a tempo of 130 beats per minute (BPM). It incorporates elements of electro house and electropop and draws further musical influences from Eurodance, hard driving techno music and amazing vocal performances by SuVi and Jay. (Songwriters: Abby Cubey, DJ Omar Rojas, Paul Drago, Amber Irish).
It's development was motivated by SuVi's Indian heritage (she hails from Thrissur, Kerala, India) and pays homage to her career beginnings as a Bollywood singer and celebrity. Iterolated within the song are recurrent elements of the 2011 composition, "On The Floor" written  Kinda "Kee" Hamind, AJ Junior, Teddy Sky, Bilal "The Chef", Armando C Perez, Gonzolo Hermosa, Ulises Hermosa, along with son's producer RedOne. SuVi described "Tick Tock" as an evolution of her classic sound and as something which embraces the very current genre. The debut and release of "Tick Tock" coincided with Suvi's release of her soundtrack for movie "Highway" song release "Kodana Kodi" from Saroja, composed by Yuvan Shankar Rajaas and as a guest on  US TV shows on Comcast, as well as several other product endorsement deals.  
SuVi is an Indian Singer-Songwriter/Artist who gained recognition after having sung on several projects for Grammy and Oscar winning composer A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, Million Dollar Arm). SuVi entered the music industry in India as a teenager, in 2005, through the first southern pop band. Jay-5 is an up and coming in the Reggae genre both here and in Jamaica. Both SuVi and Jay are gigging in the LA area and internationally (Jay is on the Belize Runway Label distributed here and in Jamaica).
"Tick Tock" was met with generally positive reception from critics, with editors from BBC Music and the Los Angeles Times, drawing comparisons to Hit Singer Donna Summer, and Gloria Gaynor. Commercially, "Tick Tock" is anticipated to be SuVi's most successful single to date, topping more than twenty national single charts. In the United States it was Suvi's first single to gain attention, and recognition by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It will result in being one of the biggest hits of the year resulting in the Year End Charts; "Tick Tock" will finish in high regard in Austria, Finland, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland, India, Asai and Jamaica. Special thanks to Lawrence and Bruce Smithe for discovering SuVi, and Susie Maldonado who discovered Jay for the recording of "Tick Tock".
We anticipate the over 1000 radio stations will be picking this up shortly.
- with Love and Passion, Paul from JOJOKID Music.

Press Release
SuVi Suresh and Jay - 5 Flow record Paul Drago's latest production, "Tick Tock" released in July 2014.
The incredible team of EDM superstar F3TTO as arranger and engineer, Lawrence Freiberg who is famous as the co-organizer of Live-Aid, Belize diplomat Belize Runway, and supported in spirit by Star maker David Harrison Levy, and entertainment consultant William Watford. The recording will reach over a thousand US radio stations before the end of the year and and a tour to help promote human rights and help for the poor by native form India Suvi will begin soon.
Jay is currently on a limited national tour and soon tro promote the sigle in Jamaica.
More infoirmatriocan be found by contacting us through musuc submit.
Producers: Paul Drago - Abby Cubey for JOJOKID Music
Arranger/Engineer: F3TTO
Mixed by Lawrence Freiberg
Mastered amd Sonic Remix by by Dave Allen of Senceisound.

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