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The boy from the crowd - Revelator

Indie / Alternative

United Kingdom

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“One of the things that makes rock ’n’ roll great is its little imperfections and riding on the edge of disaster, knowing full well that any second it could all just fall apart.”

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In an East London (England) gutter, something deep, primal and most definitely weird is stirring.
The Boy From The Crowd Cocktail: take a pinch of Delta blues, mix with some edgy surf rock, shake (don’t stir) with a hefty dose of punk attitude and some good old-fashioned rock n roll swagger. Infuse with tension, blend with menace and you're starting to get a flavour of the rich and potent firewater served up by The Boy From The Crowd
When singer/songwriter/guitarist Vinny Piana met drummer Vegas Ivy at the crossroads of rock, noise and badass, there was no way things weren't going to get ugly. Here were two brothers from another mother, separated at birth it seemed, so closely were their musical inclinations aligned. Determined to be guided by their primal instincts and play music with guts, spirit and uncompromising integrity, the pair embarked on a fearless mission to discover tough new ways to rock the blues.
Vinny's songs often reflect about choices we make and how they lead us to bliss or sheer disaster, how we so often make the disastrous choice despite every fibre of our being screaming at us not to. Born in the south of France, Vinny toured Europe and the UK as a guitarist with various bands and wrote soundtracks for independent movies including Sundance favourite LoveSexy before setting his sights on a new, but long-cherished project. He had the ideas, he had the nerve – all he needed was a beat.
Vegas' pounding voodoo drums proved to be the perfect base for Vinny's twisted songs and dirty blues dream. The big man was ready for a new challenge, and with Vinny's mercurial, deeply unstable guitar carnage, he's found it.. 
Between them the pair have forged a fractured new direction in alternative music, that finds a weirdly winding path that leads from Robert Johnson and Howlin' Wolf through Captain Beefheart and Jon Spencer... all the way to The Boy From The Crowd. 

Press Release
The Boy From The Crowd
New single: Revelator
One of the things that makes rock ’n’ roll great is its little imperfections and riding on the edge of disaster, knowing full well that any second it could all just fall apart.” – Vinny Piana
What if the swamp sucked down Jon Spencer, the Stones, Captain Beefheart and the Stooges, then spewed a twisted, spitting, frenzied chimera back into the Thames Estuary?

It might look and sound just a bit like The Boy From The Crowd, the two-man team that's putting the boot back into the blues with a raw new sound and a whole heap of punk attitude.
Vinny Piana (vocals, guitar) believes in creating beauty from a broken heart and twisted guitar squalls.

Vegas Ivy (drums, belly dancing) believes the harder you hit something the better it sounds.
Their first single is a deliciously filthy phat slice of scuzzed-up alternative blues rock with a catchy hook that will drill a jagged little hole in your brain and implant itself forever.

Vinny says: "This song is about some of the most primal feelings a man or woman can have. It's about our ongoing, desperate quest to find our soul mate, the doubts that always arise as to whether we have made the right choice and the feelings of powerlessness and despair that result."

Revelator is how rock 'n' roll sounds in London 2014. It's a revelation, and really, that's all you need.

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