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Don Kesson - Drinking With The Angels


South Lanarkshire
United Kingdom

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I'm a Glasgow based folk/country singer, who has recently completed ‘Drinking with the Angels’, my first solo country album of original songs written by Charlie Sharkey

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My name is Donald McAulay Kesson born 29th October 1962 in Tradeston Street Glasgow Scotland, from an early age I grew up with listening to country music, Pasty Cline, Tammy Wynette, Charlie Pride and Slim whitman to name but a few. I took to playing music quite late in life I was thirty when I first learned to play the guitar and start singing, I then began to venture out to local bars to join in the various jam sessions learning different styles from other musicians. After about five years doing this I got a covers band together three piece 2 semi acoustic guitars and drums calling ourselves the plank spankers (which means guitar player) playing all types music at different kinds of venues bars, clubs, festivals and weddings.  My good friend Tony Wright had to give up the gigging to concentrate on his business and then I started on the solo career playing all over Scotland.
Three years ago I met Charlie Sharkey who gave me some of his song lyrics and said I could pick any of them to play.  The weekend after me and my partner Liz were going to St Ives in Cornwall, England on holiday and there was a music festival taking place so I decided to try out some of Charlie’s songs and they went down a really well  the feedback from the people there at the festival was brilliant and that’s when I decided to record an album, I picked ten from the list of songs that Charlie had given me which I  found myself to be very drawn to the lyrics and the emotion within them and here we are now.  I really hope you enjoy listening to the album just as much as I’ve enjoyed making it happen on such an incredible journey.

Press Release
Don Kesson is a Glasgow based folk/country singer, who has recently completed ‘Drinking with the Angels’, his first solo album of original songs written by Charlie Sharkey since splitting with his previous Covers band, ‘The Plank Spankers’. Over the years, Don has built up a following of dedicated fans with his laid back style of performing and eclectic range of songs. He has played all over the country at various venues and festivals, and is a well know figure around the Glasgow’s folk scene. Due to constant requests from members of his audience, he has decided to record this CD of new material.
Don has had many musical influences on his style, in particular Steve Earle, Townes van Zandt, John Prine, John Martyn and James Taylor, to name a few. The new album has given him the opportunity to use those influences and to work with some of the best musicians in the country. The Album is available to download from iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify and various other online stores, and the CD is now available to purchase from Amazon stores worldwide.
The album has been featured on Radio Stations over the Uk and Australia
Beautiful Morning has also been selected by Splash radio to be included in their new compelation album which will be out son.

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