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Trevor Baldwin - Something More

Synth Pop


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This song incorporates piano rhythm along with a little melodic synth lead, some nice drums to get you movin and inspirational vocals about finding your passion in life, whether it be family, friends, music or whatever. Live for Something More...

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I grew up in Southern California and started playing piano and taking lessons when I was about 7. In the early 90's I moved up to Southern Oregon at the age of 13 and since I couldn't find a new piano teacher and started listening to Pearl Jam and Nirvana, I asked for a guitar for my birthday with Rockstar dreams of my own.
I finished high school and learned guitar on my own and then went to OSU where I then began started playing piano again and composing my own songs. After graduation, I went back to So Cal and went to a recital that my former piano teacher held and played a song that I had written.
I continued to play piano and guitar for the next few years but didn't start writing songs until 2005 after cancer claimed the life of my father. In late 2005, I formed a Craigslist band and played with them for a number of years, writing and practicing. However, with band members coming and going, mostly drummers, it started to get to be quite difficult to keep up the project. Our most recent project lasted the longest although with the first album 80% done, lost the drummer yet again.
Over the last year, without a drummer or a band, I've focused my efforts yet again on songwriting and have explored new opportunities with some new equipment and am moving forward with my own projects. I just hope that my songs may help people through a bad time life or revel in the greatest of times.

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