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Hooyoosay - Googly Goo


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hooyoosay is a peculiar music recording project, having a variety of constantly changing unnamed collaborators. Hence a wide diversity in styles is on offer, which makes hooyoosay rather hard to categorize. 

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Artist Biography

The birth of hooyoosay was an occasional recording jam, a couple of guys playing some cover songs just for the fun of it, but eventually leading to an online release.

 As the founding artists each had their own reasons for remaining anonymous, this idea was maintained as a principle when things further developed into an organized project.

 So hooyoosay became this peculiar music recording project, having a variety of constantly changing unnamed collaborators, inevitably displaying a wide diversity in styles with their releases.

- Album "In dekay".
- Single-EP "My obsession / Pain in my heart".
- Single-EP "Don't you lie to me / Yooplaaa!".
- Single-EP "Come on / The under assistant West Coast promotion man".
- Single-EP "Googly Goo / Tare Too Te Rut Te".

Guitar pop, soft rock, blues, rhythm and blues, light entertainment, middle of the road, indie pop, acoustic pop, electro pop, fun pop, teen pop, chanson pop, vintage pop, euro pop, vaudeville pop, quirky pop, rock and roll, cover songs.

Press Release
Time for summer fun: hooyoosay present the happy Googly Goo kid

hooyoosay have a couple of new collaborators.
One of them is a young boy. A very young boy actually.
From the start he insisted on having a lead vocal.
So some of the veteran bandmembers put aside their drumkit, guitars and harmonica, and plugged in their synths to create a couple of electro-pop fun songs, resulting in the EP "Googly Goo".

And yes indeed, the vibe is cheerful, joyful, positive and absolutely feelgood!
Containing track titles like "Googly Goo" and "Tare Too Te Rut Te", one might expect quite a bit of nonsense going on, but there is no absurdity here at all, on the contrary, this is nothing but good times and happiness.

In "Googly Goo" the young hooyoosay newcomer vocalist shares his excitement about all the wonderful things he gets to see when wiping a tablet pc.

And "Tare Too Te Rut Te" is merely a different way of singing "we're so glad".

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