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Sammy Hakim - Tuck Me In

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United States

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Sammy Hakim is an 18 year old singer, songwriter, musician. She wants to change the world one song at a time.

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Artist Biography

Sammy Hakim is an 18 year-old singer, songwriter, musician out of Virginia. She plays the guitar, piano, ukulele and violin. She released her first EP
At 15.

EP:     Locked You Out
        Sammy Hakim

        Alone of Valentine’s
       This Christmas Love Me
       Mark Me
       Get a Little Closer
       Tuck Me In

   Sammy has been nominated for Top 40 music awards in 2013 and 2014 and she
plays live regionally and performs radio tours to promote her music and build her fan base.

For more information, visit her website, www.sammyhakim.com or prhakim@verizon.net

Press Release
Sammy Hakim New Music Video For “Tuck Me In” Has A Powerful Message Against Domestic Violence and Bullying 
Music has the power to speak up when your voice is hurt, when you can’t speak. Sometimes it’s a broken heart, but other times it’s from a broken home. Violence never amasses to anything positive and people say fight for your rights. But at times, the pain is too much to bear; until you hear a song that strikes the chord for change.
That’s exactly what young songwriter, pianist and singer Sammy Hakim promotes in her latest video for new single “Tuck Me In”.  At just the young age of 18, Sammy has composed a thought provoking song dealing with the harsh reality of domestic violence and bullying. Her lyrics are moving and when she sings, her feelings are distraught with haunting accuracy, but it comes from a fire to fight back and create awareness to stand up for yourself and pick up the pieces from a broken home.
“Tuck Me In” is a story driven music video that shares both glimpses of her as well as following the story of a young boy that witnesses domestic abuse and bullying. The music video starts with images of an unkempt, dingy apartment where you see a boy full of hope with his mother full of emotional scars and real bruises. As the boy sees his mother waste away her precious life, his father knocks on the door with rage and proceeds to beat his mother right in front of him. Heartbroken and distraught, the boy proceeds to tuck in his mother and cuddle with her, telling her everything will be all right. In the next scenes, the boy walks to school and stumbles upon a bully picking on a smaller kid. He can’t help the fact that it reminds him so much of his father, that he intervenes and eventually gets rid of the bully and helps the kid up before running off back home to help his mother once again.
In between the scenes are powerful and yet aesthetic visuals of Sammy Hakim. “Tuck Me In” uses a lot of low-density lighting, as to create an effect of a somber, dark room. Noticeably there is a candle sitting atop of her piano, a metaphor for hope. Through the music video for “Tuck Me In” most of the scenes are reenactments but still use a grungy like filter to show the repercussions and emotions of violence within a home and struggling against a bullying.
Sammy Hakim’s voice plows through social stigmas and brings a new hope for people suffering through hardships in their lives. “Tuck Me In” and the music video share insight to the reality that many people face but also create awareness and offers hope to a new generation of people to avoid living in this trauma and correcting their mistakes. Sammy Hakim’s talents are only just beginning to flourish and with visuals and songs like “Tuck Me In” she will be a new voice of change in music.

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