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Cathouse Prophets - Southern Fried & Sanctified

Americana - Outlaw Country


Band Description

The Cathouse Prophet first CD “Southern Fried & Sanctified” is appropriately named, produced by Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters, the sound is Traditional Country and Classic Rock-n-roll in roots with a slight sway of gospel and bluegrass. 

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Artist Biography

In 2009, four of us got together with Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke to play a Christmas party at The Shed . We did a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tribute and called it Charlie Starr & Petty Crimes, Charlie poured some real rock-n-roll gasoline on us and lit a fire that set the wheels in motion.
The next year we hooked up with McGill to play an Unknown Hinson Halloween party. This time, in addition to a set of covers we wanted to play at least one original and as a result "Devils Deal" was written about Popcorn Sutton. The Devils Deal is his story told through The Cathouse Prophets. Later on, T.T.T (Tits, Tires, Trouble) was written from a and interview Popcorn gave Johnny Knoxville. The audience seemed to dig it so we continued.
The following year, we found ourselves in need of a new bass player, we found Justin wrapped in a blanket and placed in a basket outside The Shed. We took him in, force fed him Human Growth Hormones and subjected him to hours upon hours of "The Year of the Horse" videos. During his incubation, a stranger left his cabin unlocked and we took it over, two days later we came down having written Night Like This, Hell on the Little Man, Forever Mine, and Hell to Pay. This was the start of The Cathouse Prophets.
In 2013, we went into Echo Mountain Studios to cut Southern Fried & Sanctified, nine songs that define our sound today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Press Release
If there is one word that comes to mind when you listen to this debut release from the Cathouse Prophets, it’s “America.”  This Knoxville-based group has compiled nine grit-filled, unrefined tracks that will keep you coming back for more.
Their album title, Southern Fried & Sanctified says it all.  The album is battered in a definitive country wistfulness and then smothered with a with rock ‘n’ roll ruggedness.  Singer Mike McGill has the type of twang to his voice that practically exemplifies the sound of country.  It’s crisp and defined, yet gritty, the type of sound that most country groups only aspire to have.
Not only is their sound on point, but their lyrics are a strong aspect of their music as well with plenty of lines that will make you do a double take.  For example, in “Night Like This” McGill sings, “Grinnin’ like a possum with time to kill,” and in “American Ride” he sings, “Hair black as asphalt and sharp as a razor wire….sweet as molasses and deadly as cyanide.”
There are slow tearjerkers like “Forever Mine” which tells of how murder was the only way to preserve a man’s love for his woman.  There are up-tempo songs sing alongs like “little Man” and “Freight Shaker,” and there there are the rugged outlaw and weary traveler tracks such as “American Ride” and “Up all Night.”
Because of its Lyrics, “T.T.T.” is a track that stands out the most.  As you soon find out, the three T’s in the title stand for “tits, tires, and trouble.”  McGill shares and important lesson with this tracking, singing, “Son if it’s got tits or tires it’s beggin for some trouble.”
The group is made up of musicians Mike McGill, Scott Maddux, Steve Burgess, Roger Schmidt, Justin Nix, and David Glover.  This is type of music you can tell the musicians had fun creating, and you’re able to share the excitement when listening to the album. 

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