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Aries Marquis - Imperfections


Baton Rouge

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The sound of Aries Marquis varies, yet stays consistent with originality. His deliverance is that of pure soul that is inspired by the likes of many legends from Marvin Gaye to D'Angelo. An amazing, soulful, and pure singer-songwriter

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Ambitious, soulful, classy, are just a few words to describe the zealous singer-songwriter, Aries Marquis. Inspired by legends, from Marvin Gaye, to Boyz II Men, authentic, and mature music is what Aries passionately wants to share with the world, never forgetting the path that has been paved for artists such as himself. A little over three years as a solo artist, Aries Marquis has made ground on his journet to be established as a mainstream music artist. His mission is to create and deliver soulful, heartfelt music and performances, worldwide, in a time where many have given up on such things as real lyricism, original music, and soulful performances. In the short time as a solo artist, Aries Marquis has completed his debut album, titled, "Guaranteed", has performed in Haiti during a humanitarian mission, (contest of 32, and won first place), performed at Southern University A&M College at a showcase, and also won first place, performed at the Independent Entertainment Summit in North Hollywood, CA, and won 2013 Breakout Artist of the Year, and has appeared many other places such as St. Louis, Lufkin, TX, New Orleans, La, etc. His music has been played on various internet and college stations from Buffalo, NY, to Los Angeles, to Houston, TX! Aries Marquis' music is making head way in the industry, and is being accepted by many, worldwide. To create a larger impact on his career, Aries Marquis is now working to release his EP, titled, "Imperfections" (formally named Compositions), in which he will self-market in order to boost his fanbase and build an undeniable buzz throughout the music industry. The work of Aries Marquis is never done, for he has songs imbedded within him in which he is looking forward to sharing with the rest of the world!


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