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Richie Toma - Stompin' Spaniard

Latin World Electronic
United States

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My latest creations have been latin/world influenced with a dash of techno/trance yet booming enough to house your body. I am experimenting with flamenco house. Guaranteed to make your fingas snap and your shoes tap! OLE!

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Artist Biography

My name is Richie Toma Correa.  I am a musician/producer from the Bronx NY.  My parents gave me piano lessons when I was @ seven. That lasted a couple of years til they saw I lost intrest and decided it was a waste of time and money. However with the advent of electronic keyboards and synths in the late seventies, my love of music suddenly arose and surprisingly the lessons I had learned were never lost. I was fifteen.

My parents sold the old upright piano and bought me an electric keyboard and an amp. From there I started playing in bands and began compiling synths, sequencers, drum machines and MIDI. By the late 90's my brother, DJ Louie Passion got on the band wagon and off we went.
We had record deals with Nervous, Kult and Fourth Fl. to name a few.  At the time, electronic music was big overseas so several of our tracks became remixes by some of the big boy DJ's in Europe.

My last release was in 1999. Since then I have been toying with different styles and generes. But the House always lets you come home, so I am back. And I have been working on some new material that will collectivelly become my first solo album called Stompin' Spaniard!  Almost two years in the making it will be a mix of house, latin, techno and disco.  A combination that I feel gives you the four on the floor bass drum with latin percussion and simple yet catchy synth and vocal lines that become repetative yet infectious!  Have a listen!

Press Release


Richie Toma is proud to realse his first solo album 'Stompin' Spaniard'!

Almost two years in the making, Richie Toma has come up with his own style of dance music!  Borrowing from different musical genres he has mixed them together at first as an experiment, but later he realized he had something rather interesting.

His title track Stompin' Spaniard is such an example. Taking the guitar, the hand clapping and the singing style of the flamenco, Richie Toma infused these ingredients with Latin pecussion and a House beat . What he came up with is Flamenco House!
Not stopping there, Richie Toma added in the toe tapping or stomping of the Flamenco dancer, thus giving the track it's name, Stompin' Spaniard.  There are many more Latin influences as well in the other tracks on the album.

The track Vudu de Haiti makes you feel like you are at a voodo ritual with it's hyptnotising rhythms and chants! The first track, Viva la Vida is a salsa house jam, that will make you want to mambo your ass off!
The album should be releaed by late February 2014, but if you would like a taste, you can hear a few tracks on the Music Submit site or go to Richie Toma's Reverbnation page at http://www.reverbnation.com/richietoma.

You can also check out his website at http://www.sidekutter.com.

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