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Anonymous Electronica - Rethink, Possible

Electronica, Dubstep, EDM
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Anonymous focuses on creating a fusion of retro and exclusive sounds composed of his various synths and effects. His sounds consist of strong Rhode elements mixed with fast paced synth arpeggios and leads.
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Artist Biography
Anonymous Electronica, born in the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area refuses to release his name. He developed a passion for mixing at a young age; never taking any keyboards lessons he adopted his own playing style by experimentation. This self exploration led to the discovery of the natural flow of tones and frequencies. Unlike the standard 440hz tuning, all of his music is tuned to the more harmonic A of 432hz

After high school he took a post secondary program at Sheridan Institute where he quickly dropped out after suffering from severe depression. Music, being his only outlet in life, drove him away from the pain and gave him an honest shot at expressing what he has never been able to before; love, compassion and creativeness. Through his harmonic builds and devastatingly low drops, he characterizes and expresses his emotions 
deep within the harmonic vibration of each song. 

Anonymous f
ocuses on creating a fusion of retro and exclusive sounds composed of his korg instruments and effects. He is a hybrid EDM producer using modern mixing Technics as well as older methods in order to create his sounds. His sounds consist of strong Rhode elements mixed with fast paced synth arpeggios and leads. He is also known for texturing his sounds with grain decorators and warping them like playdo. Anonymous sounds are now available on iTunes, Beatport and various other shops around the world. 
Press Release


"It’s kind of a Donnie Darko mood around the house right now, then this just comes our way from a mysterious producer out of Toronto, ANONYMOUS ELECTRONICA, who’s not associated with the Anonymous hacktivist collective. I mean what? I kind it of funny. I find it kind of sad… Not exactly party music but I have a feeling that if this drops in a set, anywhere, it’s going to get everyone’s attention.”

“Diggin’ this original house banger from Canada based Anonymous Electronica. Check it!”

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