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How Dare You Alexis - Show Me Yours

Band Description
How Dare You Alexis sounds similar to Daft Punk, Groove Armada, New Order, Hot Chip. Hot new EP out now!

Artist Biography

Emmett Heart, Gus Real i Casper Motion compose for fun, after hours, without pressure but with ambition. They’ve known each other for years. They played together in various line-ups different kinds of music, which is why they perfectly understand and continually inspire one another. Their musical horizons are very broad, and each stretches out to a different direction. Over the last two years, they patiently developed and honed their ideas, tuned the knobs, tightened the screws, to present to the world in July 2013; Show Me Yours EP, the first release under the banner of How Dare You Alexis. Five thrilling, but emotionally different pieces will be presented in turn. So much for a start, but more to follow son.

Press Release

Feuding superpowers take full advantage of state-of-the-art electronics to bring each other’s computer networks to a standstill, to send enemy satellites to the bottomless blue depths of oceans and to…cut treat each other with a taste of blackout at night! How Dare You Alexis, however, take it all even further! They have mastered the art of controlling the human nervous system by way of a powerful secret weapon – their self-made mesmerizing super-bionic-sonic-electronic waves.
They started from scratch. First, they learned how to remotely activate human feet – then, even whole legs! The lower limbs of those visiting their hidden laboratory during their trials and tests were reported to instinctively stamp vigorously, only then to indulge in bold jumping to the rhythm of the applied synthetic-driven beats within seconds! When the ear-catching melodies got involved with thumping basslines, the members of the band became fully able to control the hands and arms of those within the range of the soundwaves they emitted.
Be prepared to have your mind and body possessed by How Dare You Alexis with their latest EP by the name of “Show Me Yours”.

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