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Hitarda - Love Makes You Beautiful

pop, dance
Band Description
Hitarda is a unique combination of powerful rock guitar riffs with electronic-dance sound and beautiful vocal tunes!
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Artist Biography
The Hitarda Project was created by two talented and extraordinary music producers, Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse, which are part of Filipp’s Music Team.

They have become well-known for their charming music that has been a part of famous movies and soap operas, popular games and many other exciting projects. The life purpose of our composers is infinite creativity, which is closely intertwined with various musical trends and styles. Beautiful melodies are born of genuine inspiration that creates true music of the heart, with moods that range from mystical to romantic.

In their spare time, composers Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse give free rein to wild imagination and crazy energy that result in a seductive mix of dance rhythms and guitar riffs. It was through this unique collaboration that Hitarda, with one of the best female singers as a front girl, was born.

There were no signs that Ann Muse would be so popular. She was born in Ukraine to a poor family. She soon began to work for a living, but the difficulties of life didn’t stop her because she lived with a sincere love of music and a childhood dream. A dream that one day she would be a positive influence on people all over the world through her music.

And a little girl’s fairy tale came true; today she is one of the best female singers.

How many female rock stars can you name now days? I'll tell you clearly, Ann Muse is one of them. Music producer Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse compose and record party songs that have vibrant rhythms that compel you to move and allow you to break away and enjoy life.

Ann Muse exhibits a unique style, stage presence, and amazing vocal clarity that makes her one of the most intriguing among the best female rock artists of today. Numerous positive reviews and high chart ratings offer more evidence of the Hitarda Project’s leadership among current girl singers.
Repeated communication with many famous musicians and close cooperation in the creative community of female artists, indicates that the work of the Hitarda Project is on an entirely new level of musical achievement. This is why people often call Ann Muse one of the best female rock stars.

Each song born of the Hitarda Project has a unique quality and creative distinctiveness. This unique creativity can be appreciated by watching any of their videos.
Press Release
The group was founded in 2011 by Ukrainian film composers Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse, who are famous for writing soundtracks for popular video games worldwilde.
2011. The first single "Sex & Rock 'n Roll" was in the TOP of YouTube-worldwide within 2 weeks after the release clip, with nearly 3 million views.
The track was circulated by Ukrainian and worldwide channels, as well as radio stations of the CIS, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Canada and Brazil. Hitarda was interviewed for European radio stations and received numerous comments on  social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.
With the song "Sex & Rock ‘n Roll" the unique sound of the band was formed, which was formed the unique sound of the band, which Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse described as electro-rock.
2012. Clips "Dirty Games" and "Russian Party".
The response to the single "Russian Party" has been a wave of so-called parties in   Russian style that swept across the globe.
2013. The single "Love Makes You Beautiful!"
The track has attracted the attention of British, Australian and American radio and television stations. The composition hit the American national top 40, and then entered the top 20 of the legendary social network for musicians Reverbnation.
English and American publishers wrote about this!
In the same year, Hitarda has been nominated for a prestigious music award Los Angeles Music Awards.
In Ukraine Hitarda presented its own solo electro-rock show at the end of June 2013 in the Kiev Concert Hall. Today Hitarda is a bold combination of rock guitar riffs of dubstep and Drum'n'Bass, satisfying the most demanding modern listeners.
The Group has prepared a concert pogramme of 7 tracks. The total time of the concert is 45 minutes.
The band plays only its own music.
The music of Hitarda is broadcast on more than five hundred media channels in Europe, USA, Australia and Canada.
Fan performance for August 2013 (for the world):
Youtube: ~ 2000 subscribers, ~ 10,000,000 views
Facebook: ~ 5,000 subscribers
Twitter: ~ 7000 Followers
MySpace: ~ 10000 Plays

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