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King George is an Australian singer songwriter with music that marries pop melancholy with rock rawness resulting in a highly emotive and energetic live show!

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With a sound based on emotive melodies and powerful rhythms, Australian artist King George has been described as having “a unique mix of light and dark.” (Buzz Magazine, MARCH 2009). The man behind the madness George Zois says “It’s taken a while to find the right direction with my sound – I always wanted to be able to bring a deep, emotional content to my music, but not lose the rawness”.

From his early days as toddler he has been infatuated by music but although he grew up with music being played around the house he comes from an ‘un-musical’ family and attended a religious high school that at the time had no interest giving its students a musical output. So what happens when playing music is part of who you are and you’re in an environment that isn’t? George says "I guess you have to break down some walls and make people understand who you are and what makes you happy. Since my early teens I have been writing and playing music and to put it bluntly I fucking love it. For me its very simple, what do we have to leave behind in life? some people have their photo albums, homes, cars, videos… etc , all I can leave behind is the songs I have written that capture who I am and what I’m feeling at the time…no matter how good or bad the song, it’s there, locked away and captured in time and available for those who are interested.’

The debut album 'Prisoners Of The Pluto Junction' was released in February 2010 that took King George from Melbourne to New York City in 2011. George adds, “The album is definitely the direction I wanted to take musically. It is a fair departure from anything I had done before. The themes are provocative, sleazy, immature, serious, heartbreaking and dark. The Pluto Junction for me is like a place of mourning and recovery, a place where I go mentally to pick up the pieces and put myself together again, some people can’t get out of that ‘junction’ and become their own prisoner. It sounds a bit weird but to be honest its hard to explain and the longer I try to explain the meaning of songs the more I waffle and become boring…and like many songwriters and musos we are pretty boring people...we are not here to talk about self indulgent bullshit we are here to rock, and music should be there to be interpreted by the masses….or very few in my case!”

With major influences including U2, Bjork, Faith No More, The Killers and even Dusty Springfield there is diversity from where King George draws from. “My favourite albums are U2’s Achtung Baby, FNM’s ‘The Real Thing’, the Killer's ‘Sams Town’, PJ Harvey's ‘Stories from the City’ and Depeche Mode's ‘Songs of Faith and Devotion’

King George has slowly been building the fan base and has included some unique initiatives to help get his message across. Previously King George’s songs have been available via a USB wrist band, specifically made so fans can wear the music like a badge of honour. This has received a positive response - so much so that the he will continue to release material in the same format during live shows as well an online digital release.
With the album came a debut film clip for the single ‘Nothing Left’ and a very wacky video for second single ‘Birthday Girl’ starring a rooster looking for….well?….no one really knows!. KG explains “this came from the creative mind of my drummer and co producer of the album Michael Makris, who was probably overdosing on protein shakes when he drew up the concept. To be honest I don’t know what it means but it’s different and fun”
More recently King George played a show in Sydney supporting Jimmy Barnes for the Oz Harvest CEO cook off and played a set in front of 1000 homeless people that where being fed by the countries top corporate CEO’s. King George adds “for me it was special, considering their situation, these people were having such a great time and I sometimes wonder how are they going and if any of them have managed to move forward in life over the last few months…I stop and think about this once in while…more importantly I hope the CEOs do as well.”

The trip to US in 2011 has had a major impact on the King with George doing plenty of writing in New York and penning 'Why Am I Here?' released around Christmas 2012 and the new single 'Hover' released in March 2013.

2013 saw King George launch the music videos for the singles 'Hover' and 'Heroes' (Lyric Video). Hover has just made it as a finalist in the 2013 Australian Independent Music Video Awards to be awarded on November 30 2013.

King George has just come back from playing 3 rocking shows in Toronto for Indie Week 2013 and is back in recording mode for new material.

'Prisoners of The Pluto Junction', 'Why Am I Here?','Hover' & 'Heroes' are out now via iTunes and all good digital stores!

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