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Stevie Jewel - M

United States

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Fun, Taylor Swift/Katy Perry-esque, upbeat,

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I attended a Theatre magnet school for high school. I took music theory and, although, I started writing songs when I was maybe seven years old, I credit this teacher for helping me jump-start into songwriting. I studied “Garage Band” and now use “Logic”. I have gathered a serious collection of recording gear and am always upgrading my equipment. Frankly, I’ve always heard the melodies in my head, sometimes the lyrics are there at the same time, but occasionally, the lyrics come in a little later. My best pieces are created in a fifteen minute window. The songs that I have to struggle with or suitcase for a while and revisit, never seem “finished”. It seems that we have always had a piano in the house, so it’s been a natural for me to sit and write at the piano. Lately, we have moved and I haven’t had a piano around so, in conjunction with taking vocal lessons with Jan Smith, I asked her to show me some chords etc. on the guitar. It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but I am a Type A and didn’t quit until I felt semi-comfortable on the guitar. I’m not ready to rock a show, but it helps me write. I wrote a song “One Last Kiss (Seal the Deal)” and in 2008, it rose to #24 on Billboard’s Dance Chart. I performed this at a variety of places around LA and Vegas. And have done performed this song for some charity work also. I didn’t do a lot to promote the songs - I didn’t tour - the rise on the Billboard Charts just happened. I have played a lot of the casinos in Vegas and a couple of sold out shows in LA, I've even sung at the White House....yep, that White House!

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