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Soulfull americana and folkpop. With focus on strong harmonies and catchy melody. The music can be described as a cross between Big Star, Townes van Zandt and Simon&Garfuncle.

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Artist Biography

Is a band led by the two brothers Magnus and Stian Gulbrandsen from Moss, Norway. They play what they call 'Soulfull americana/folkpop'. Although they are brothers they started playing in a band together a while after they were both well on the way with their own music careers. Stian as the guitarist in the 60s garage-rock outfit Death by Unga Bunga and Magnus as a guitarist in the powerpop group The Dahlmanns.
Saturday City was started as a result of them both having a lot of acoustic sounding material that did not fit in the other bands.
The brothers got together as a duo and quickly equaled, if not surpassed, their other bands in both national acclaim and achievement.
In 2011 they started recording their first EP themselves in the basement of their childhood home in Moss. The EP was released in 2012 to great reviews. The national music-magazine PlanB wrote they were among the best that was released in the folk/country-world that year, and they were voted "unsigned band of the week" on national radio. The songs "Catch A Flame" and "I'll Be Fine" both got a lot of radio play and formed a sort of base for their sound. The same year they performed at festivals such as ByLarm, Månefestivalen and Norwegian Wood. This year they  have been perfoming with a full band line-up at festivals such at the international acknowledged Øyafestivalen and Varnafestivalen.

Press Release
Saturday City has relesed their debut EP in Norway to critical acclaim on the DIY/indie label Codfather Records.
For reviews, radioplay and other consideretions, please check out the songs submitted in this release.

For further information please contact:
Magnus Gulbrandsen
+47 95277099

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