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Beatrice Mason - When Love Breaks Down

Pop, World Smooth Jazz, Brazilian

Rio de Janeiro


Band Description
Beatrice Mason is a Brasilian songstress with a knack for style and artistry. Her new single " When Love Breaks Down" is the first single off of her upcoming new CD. Beatrice has had several world music top 40 hits.  Additional Band Websites  
Artist Biography
Listening to When Love Breaks Down, the hazily seductive song of Rio resident, Beatrice Mason, is like embarking upon a lazy all-day Sunday carpet glide with exotic hovering points over Argentina, Paris, Italy, Rio…and Venus. Her voice conveys a relaxed natural beauty that lures you in like the aroma of your sauciest most favorite dish, When Love Breaks Down exquisitely illuminates the allure of Beatrice’s voice, singing this tailor-made material from the cream of her country’s finest contemporary songwriters, and couching her in arrangements impeccably balanced between evocative acoustic instruments such as, percussion, low-end, piano and guitars over tasteful electronica pulses. The desired effect: pure free floating bliss for the ears...
Beatrice (pronounced “bee- -TRESE”) moves gracefully through this track with the gentleness of a butterfly landing on a leaf. 
 “Melody usually is the first thing to catch my ear,” the lady shares when it comes to her careful selection of repertoire. “If I’m enchanted by a melody then I can move on to the lyric. If I’m not crazy about a melody, my arranger and I can always fix the song with a new arrangement. Not so with a lyric! If the lyric doesn’t speak to me, I cannot do it! Lyrics are most important to me.”
Beatrice Mason also holds the distinction of having a song specifically commissioned for her – a version of the classic Brazilian song, “A História de Lili Braun” (“The Story of Lili Braun,” by the greats Chico Buarque and Edu Lobo). “I love the song and I asked Edu (Krieger), jokingly, to write a "Lili Braun" for me. Two years later he sent me an email: ‘Listen, I made you a ‘Lilly BLONDE!’” Krieger also personally lyricized Marcelo Caldi’s music to create “O Tempo do Querer.” Beatrice shares, “When Marcelo first played the melody for me, it sounded so sad. I asked Edu to write bright lyrics. He came back with this poetry: ‘Me without you is like carnival without percussion, Brasil without football, Eurídice – my sister’s name - without Orpheus.’”
Among Beatrice’s all-time favorite composers is Oscar-winner Jorge Drexler, the first Uruguayan to ever win an Academy Award for writing the song "Al Otro Lado del Río" from the film “The Motorcycle Diaries.” Picking just one song from his was very, very hard,” Beatrice confesses. “I had seven I wanted to do! I chose ‘Madre Tierra’ because it’s very catchy, light and happy. Soon I plan to record an entire album of Jorge’s work. He is amazing to me.” Such is the passion Beatrice has for fine art, fine music and simpatico geography.
Beatrice Mason and her sister Eurídice were born and raised in Rio to a mother of German descent and a father of Italian descent. Beatrice began singing at age 6 along with her sister in many musical choirs including one led by her mother. Classical music filled the family home, and both girls were encouraged to learn music theory and play musical instruments. Beatrice excelled in three keys of the wind instrument called a recorder as well as flute, led a Baroque trio and won many awards. Beatrice was also exposed to Brasilian popular music thanks to the family housekeeper, Alzira, whose radio fed her a constant diet of Roberto Carlos, Caetano Veloso, Elis Regina, Nara Leão and Maria Betânia, among many others.
Her formal vocal instruction included classical lessons with Vera Canto e Mello and popular singing with Paula Santoro and Felipe Abreu.
At age 16, Beatrice’s father – a very serious minded man – insisted she and Eurídice pursue more serious careers so they could be strong independent women who would not have to depend on men to provide for them then run their lives. Beatrice, fluent in English chose the field of law in which she endeavored in Brasil and the United States. While living in New York City she went to clubs and concerts to see artists as far reaching as Stanley Jordan, Sting and The Brand New Heavies. Music never ceased tugging her heart. Eventually, the stress of dealing with mergers and acquisitions got the best of her. She took a sabbatical to have a baby and found singing to be extremely cathartic during her pregnancy. First returning to her classical roots then being led into sacred music by a vocal coach, Mason found her voice to be lovelier than ever.
Sponsored by a Brasilian telecommunications company, Beatrice Mason took her show on the road to several major cities in Brasil garnering massive media and strong reviews, one of which reads, “…what a surprise: there is plenty of good taste in the millimetrical (sic) choices of the lady who presents a debut album that is classical and contemporary at the same time.” Two months after attending WOMEX (World Music Expo), Mason was invited to perform at the 2012 world’s largest international trade show, MIDEM in Cannes, France. Mason played to an enthusiastic packed house .She also staged a tribute show to the late folk rock poet Nick Drake back in Brasil later in 2012..
Beatrice Mason’s next recording project will be a government sponsored CD of songs by South American composers Jorge Drexler, Vitor Ramil and Kevin Johansen. The CD will be recorded in Brasil and the U.S. in 2013 with producers from both countries. Ms. Mason will be traveling and working in Europe and the US in 2013-2014.
“I want to be a musical bridge between contemporary Brasil at its very best and the rest of the world,” Beatrice Mason promises.

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