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Simirillion - Of Unicorns and Jasmine ...A Lover's Tale

Location: Jamaica, N.Y., United States
The music is lush at times. It is also mellow and it has some pop thrown in to the mix. The sound at times is huge and at other times light and airy. After listening to it from begining to end. It's like an adventure. You don't know what to expect
My name is Chip Wilson. You could say that I’m the visionary force behind Simirillion. I was influenced by a variety of musicians such as Jeff Beck, Miles Davis and other well known artists.
I grew up in New York listening to different genres of music such as jazz, gospel, blues, classical, and pop. I started playing guitar at age 12 and I studied classical guitar in college.Along the way, I learned how to play other instruments such as the piano, bass, and percussion.Approximately 10 years ago, I wrote my first CD self-titled “Simirillion”. It received good reviews but didn’t cause a stir. The reason that it didn’t cause a stir was due to the lack of promotional knowledge. I also didn’t meet the right people.The second CD, “Of Unicorns and Jasmine” was released a couple of years later with pretty much the same results.After listening to other contemporary groups of the same period, I decided to take a different approach to music. I wanted to try to combine different styles of music and instruments in a structured and in an expanded free form style of music. I think that I captured most of the elements that should be included in music.The elements that I captured are as follows: mellow, excitement, and the communication of feelings. I hope to have listeners to appreciate my work. I’m quite sure that they will not be disappointed but captivated by the sounds of the music.

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