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Duprai Marcel - Evolution of a love affair

Location: Brooklyn, NY, united states
Duprai Marcel's music is a unique blend of comtemorary urban pop mixed with soulful tracks reminisent of a young Micheal Jackson.Press Release:
Music Submit Artist Dupra Marcel debuts on 5 national airplay charts with his single I still love you last week. The Sinlge jumped from # 81 to # 13 this week on national college airplay. Debuts on the CMJ charts at # 5. And is getting video play on over 81 media outlets in the USA.
Duprai Marcel is a Vocal Sensation. Duprai’s debut LP “Evolution of A Love Affair has become a critically acclaimed LP by Radio Indie and Diggs magazine. The LP debuted at number 3on the CMJ charts in July after his debut double single “I still Love You” became the number 1 added song on the College music charts and is in rotation on over 300 station in the US and 25 in Canada. Duprai has also been featured on the long running legendary NBC show “Show Time at the Apollo” and is one of their Stars of Tomorrow. Duprai will also be staring in the up coming Broadway play “It Aint Just Singing” a Catherine Peppers Hill production at the Paul Robison Theater in late spring and has contributed three songs to the sound track which will also be featured on his debut LP slated for release in 2013.

Singing and dancing since the age of ten Duprai entered and won his first talent show at the age of 10 when he performed Boys II Men’s “It So Hard to Say Good Bye”. The young Duprai blew the crowd away when he hit an Operatic note that would have brought the late Pavarotti to tears. Duprai would make his professional debut in NYC for the local radio stations where he performed Anita Baker’s “Body and Soul” and silenced the audience with one note. After hitting the last note the audience leapt to their feet with joy and the Marceline era of sound officially begun. Since then Duprai has won legions of fans form every corner of the globe and has been dubbed “the Vocalist”. Duprai blends R&B and Hip Hop together in a sound that is all his own. Reminiscent of a Usher meets Luther Vandross. His debut LP “Evolution of a Love Affair” will be released in spring of 2009 and has 12 tracks that will make the listen laugh, sing, and dance and single while evolving along with Duprai.

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