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Andrew Varner - Shades of Red

Webpage: http://www.andrewvarnermusic.com

Location: Nashville, TN, US


thought provoking, upbeat, modern indie pop music. ala maroon 5, gavin degraw, train, and coldplay

Press Release:


"Varner’s music packs an upbeat punch. He presents playfully sarcastic lyrics and uniquely memorable lines."

 -Jay Schneider, Ourstage.com

“...straight-up, unapologetic pop music for the masses.”

-Chris Deville, Columbus Alive

“...fresh piano, pop and rock style with just enough teenage angst worked in that translates to the club floor.”

-Crescent News

“Shades of Red,” Andrew Varner's first full-length record, will be released on April 9th. This is a long awaited release to Andrew's fans considering he's been playing these songs live for over the past 2 years. Through heavy social media marketing and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, 500 copies have already been pre-sold.

Andrew Varner's authenticity is apparently clear as he transforms his life into song. His music is pop but he holds nothing back regarding his childhood, relationships, and being brutally real about all aspects of his life. He speaks to his audience from behind a keyboard as he sings his songs that seem to be written only for your ears to hear. In 2009 he signed with an independent label out of Nashville where he released his first EP and toured for a few years. He had performed in the Midwest and East Coast singing original material and cover tunes at colleges and nightclubs. The label never promoted him as he was promised and Andrew decided to take matters into his own hands and immediately began shopping around for a new producer to work on his next project.

Andrew's first single, “Let's Go Somewhere” leading the way. It's a song relatable song about the questioning of the path you're on; something everyone has done at some point in time. Andrew has done much of that “questioning” since leaving his label in 2011. “Shades of Red” will be available in both digital and physical formats. You can currently purchases single releases and other songs from past recordings such as “Make Believe” by logging onto http://www.listentoandrew.com

“I slave over lyrics. They have to say what I was feeling and perhaps in a way no other artist has voiced. I have a lot of songs that are still “cooking”. Unlike the last record, I feel as if the songs on the new record are cooked to perfection lyrically speaking. If people can dance to these, great…if they can cry to them, wonderful…but if I can make people think and help them to be inspired? That’s precisely what I’m going for.”

Andrew Varner’s music is a taste of life through the eyes of a storyteller. Enjoy his wonderful music. For booking or for more information, use the contact information below.



Andrew was born in a small town in Ohio called "Defiance."

His music is a blend of a few things you might be familiar with: catchy melodies, toe-tapping beats, rich instrumentation, relatable stories, lyrical themes of suffering, love, angst, and wonder, but all these elements are carefully sewn together into something Andrew hopes you have never heard before. He leads his songs from behind a piano and he writes straight from the heart; much of the time while it's still broken. Still, the songs bounce and the hooks stick with you. It's fair to call it "pop." because it is indeed sweet, but that's just the sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Andrew believes in truth above all else. Not shy about his own shortcomings, he holds very little regard for the conventional approach to song-writing, His music remains honest and it reflects his own humanity and self awareness. Exploring the burden and joy of romance, capturing curiosity and appreciation for the human condition, waxing nostalgic about childhood and struggling to understand his own mortality, his songs often twist and turn in unexpected ways. Sure, they might have a colorful candy shell, but there's something hidden in the middle. Something, hopefully, you're not completely used to. If you don't listen carefully, you just might miss it.

Andrew has been packing clubs all over the midwest creating a legion of fans. The consummate entertainer; passionate, energetic, and even comedic at times, he has over a thousand songs in his repertoire not considering a vast library of original tunes. Andrew's influences are as broad as a record store catalog. Ask him to play anything you want and the chances are pretty good that he'll actually know the song you request. Recently, however, people have been requesting some of his own songs off his debut EP, "Make Believe." After recording the EP at the Tracking Room in Nashville under the Red Armor label, he sold over 3,500 copies independently. He has since been featured on radio stations and blogs throughout the US and Europe as well as on MTV's "The Real World."

Not afraid of being dubbed a sort of indie pop star, Andrew is currently recording his next record in his home state of Ohio hoping to improve his sound and build upon an already growing fan base. The next record is turning out to be a bit darker and more revealing than the first. He says, "I'm opening up more this time around. Some of it is hard to share, but pain is popular. This isn't pop for pop's sake. I'm bored with that. I think this is bubble gum with razor blades in it."

Stay tuned.


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