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Location: jamaica, NY, USA

The music of Simirillion evolved from a mixture of jazz, neo-classical, pop and world music. It is very surreal in it's sound. A sound where you can close your eyes and visualize the ambience and haunting keyboard sound of the CD as it tells the story. It is sound that will definitely absorb you.

Press Release:
For Immediate Release Contact: Cecil Wilson
December 7, 2004 Phone: (518) 877-0819

Email: winmount@savvy.net

Simirillion s New Age Opera Of Unicorns and Jasmine: A Lover s Tale Now Available on CD Baby and Music Discovery Network

Albany, NY: New Age band Simirillion has made its instrumental opera Of Unicorns and Jasmine: A Lover s Tale (Canned Air Records) available online at CDBaby and Music Discovery Network (MDN). The recording has reached #42 on the New Age Reporter Top 100 New Age/Ambient/World Radio/Internet Airwaves chart, drawing a diverse array of music audiences to its avant-garde combination of jazz, classical, folk, and pop. While fusion and cross-over of genres has become common today in the pop arena, composer Cecil Wilson utilizes Simirillion s influences as distinct ingredients to weave together the group s often improvisational music.

Electric guitar, flute, Indian percussion (provided by Badal Roy, who has worked with Miles Davis and John Mclaughlin), and even flugelhorn create the sonic tapestry of Of Unicorns and Jasmine. Scene descriptions in the liner notes outline the story of Cassandra and Rovan, who are torn apart during a violent raid, in an unknown time and place. Inspired by the progressive rock bands of his adolescence, Wilson claims, I had a vision to use music and sounds to allow the listener to close his or her eyes and use their imagination.

While the second track of the work contains a spoken-word performance, the instrumental opera gives the listener the power to engage in the story of Cassandra and Rovan by creating their own images inspired by Simirillion s music. Valerie Frankel the cultural arts magazine Rambles, raves, &Unique and unexpected&.The smooth, new-age music reflects its story, but not intrusively. A joy to listen to. Steve Skutnick of InnerChange Magazine reveals, This album captures a magic that takes me away.

This is the second release for Simirillion, following their 2002 self-titled release. Since the completion of Of Unicorns and Jasmine, Simirillion has taken a hiatus to pursue independent projects. Flutist Amy Hammel is currently on a book tour for her groundbreaking book Conversations With a Pedophile, having recently appeared on The O Reilly Factor. Cecil Wilson is planning an independent project combining his talents with guitar, keyboard, percussion, and recording.

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Born in New York, Cecil Wilson was bitten by the music bug while in his teens. During his early years at playing guitar with several groups, not much in the way of money came his way. Fortunately Wilson had a degree in business and supported himself for many years by working with computers. Ironically, it was developments in computer technology that led him back to music and composing in the mid-90s. Doodling on the keyboards and experimenting with different sounds, Wilson slowly put together the pieces that would make up his debut recording. From the first, he says, he had in mind a specific concept to combine elements of jazz, classical, folk, and pop - not as fusion - but as a form of organized free style improvisation. You can hears some of that in his music as well as those he cites as his influences, such as the Beatles, King Crimson, Yes, The Moody Blues, Renaissance, Love, Miles Davis, Brian Wilson, Pharoah Saunders, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, and Django Rheinhardt.

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