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Location: Pacific Palisades, CA, USA
KATYA is touring Japan! She will be performing in Osaka at Hard Rock Cafe, KMC Music Conference and Shirohige-livebar! JAPAN ROCKS! For more tour info go to www.KATYAMUSIC.com
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World Companies, Inc. Officially Launches eWorld Music Division With Premiere
Red Carpet Event in Hollywood, CA
April 22, 2008 12:51 PM ET
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LOS ANGELES, April 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- eWorld Companies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EWRC) has officially launched its eWorld Music subsidiary with an invitation-only two-day premiere red carpet event at Hollywood's renowned Knitting Factory. The purpose of the event was two-fold: (1) to celebrate the launch of eWorld Music's much-talked-about entry and early success into the online music industry, and (2) to provide a glimpse of the company's immediate and future plans to eWorld's investors and affiliates, independent artists, and music industry insiders.

By all accounts, the weekend was a huge success, with a full house turnout throughout the entire weekend. Friday night's attendees gave rousing approvals to presentations of eWorld's technologies and innovative online marketing system, punctuated by stellar performances from top independent artists including Vinyl Soul, Cal Bennett, KATYA, David Thiele and Starving for Gravity.
Saturday's training and educational events allowed participants to meet and question some of the music industry's most successful professionals and artists, and to attend panel discussions with topics ranging from "Maximizing Your Social Network" to "The Digital Goldmine: Making Money With Your Songs." Saturday's panels featured an impressive list of industry notables, including Patrick Arn, president of Gotham Records; Bernard Baur, award-winning journalist and instructor and artist crusader at Musician's Institute; Versa Manos, Founder of the global media firm Gorgeous Public Relations; Jean Renard, one of the industry's most notable artist managers and marketing specialists; and eWorld Music President Jim DeCicco. Between presentations, participants were treated to soulful acoustic performances by Derren Raser, Jonathan Blake, Bill Reveles and Jenny Archimede.


The business of music promotion and marketing continues to move to the Internet at an accelerating pace. eWorld Music, Inc., wholly-owned subsidiary of eWorld Companies, Inc., intends to capitalize on this trend by utilizing the parent company's patent-pending technologies to provide a revolutionary new online delivery platform for independent music artists around the globe. eWorld is aligning itself with cutting edge music companies and providing new marketing technologies and strategies that work in tandem with eWorld's Boomerang Media Station(R) and PlayTV online broadcast network to enable independent artists to upload their own content and promote and market their wares in unique ways that are sustainable and profitable to the artists. eWorld Music will also conduct a variety of online music promotional events, stage live music events in Hollywood, CA and in other U.S. and international locations, and sponsor an annual major Music Awards Show, the first of which will be held in Hollywood this November and simulcast worldwide. For more information visit www.eworldmusic.org.


eWorld Companies, Inc. is an online marketing & advertising technologies company that develops and markets cutting edge technologies using rich media, flash, animation and 3D graphics to help individuals and businesses market and advertise on the Internet. eWorld Companies, Inc. markets and distributes these technologies through its wholly-owned subsidiary eWorld Entertainment, Inc. and its International network of Affiliates, users and strategic partners. eWorld's unique and patented Boomerang Media Station(R), named for its ability to return to the user's screen no matter what web site you visit, is a free software program that streams rich media within the actual application and remains ever-present as the user browses the Internet, offering the user one-click access to limitless entertainment experiences and convenience benefits. eWorld's WALRUS(R) system, which is downloaded along with Boomerang, continues to work in the background to provide assistance as the user searches, surfs or shops the Net, suggesting relevant topics, products and services based on the each user's browsing and searching habits. The Company's revenue model consists of six major components:
(1) Advertising Revenues;
(2) Affiliation Fees;
(3) Affiliate Monthly Subscriptions;
(4) Product Sales;
(5) Technology Licensing; and
(6) International Marketing License Fees.

For more information visit www.eworldcompanies.com  or call (310) 471-7674.


Author Adam Harrington
'Katya' - Album: 'Promo EP' - Genre: 'Rock' - Release Date: '2006' Our Rating: 9 out of 10 stars
Russian-born Katya strives for the throne of Rock Goddess on this three-track promo sampler, and I wouldn't be surprised if she's annointed a year from now. With guitars smoking and burning amps into volcanic ash, Katya creates her own heavy-metal thunder with a solid grip on melodic pop textures and bluesy fury. The opening cut, "Bitch & Moan," is an anthem for any struggling rock star. It may be misinterpreted a feminist diatribe, but it's actually a slamming statement of frustration delivered with crunchy, distorted riffs and a knockout lead vocal. What an exhilarating rocker it is. "Another rock star on TV/another notch against me," she spits bitterly, guitars blowing everything to smithereens. "JLY" is an instrumental featuring the hyperkinetic drum work of star guest Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction. Katya covers Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz," showing her magnificent range and own vocal punch.
www.the wigfitsallheads.com

Author Karla Ash
Katya seems to have a single goal: To rattle your speakers until they tumble to the rug, leaving fire stains in its path. There aren’t enough female rockers these days, and I’m not including the punk wanna-be’s in that category. Katya is no punk. Although her music is fairly aggressive, and “Bitch & Moan” has enough Fetchin’ Bones -styled femme rage to attract mohawks in the crowd, it is pure rock & roll. If Katya belonged to any period of Women In Rock, I’d compare her to Heart at their most punchy (“Barracuda”) and Janis Joplin, whose “Mercedes Benz” Katya covers here. Katya can shout like the best of them, but the ferocious guitar playing on display here jettisons indie amateur hour for a meaty, two-fisted attack.
Miriam More
Carnevale! Venice Beach 2005
Co-Producer and Talent Coordinator
-Dear Katya,
Thank you so very much for your performance in our 4th Annual Costume Carnevale! Venice Beach 2005 the kickoff party for the Venice Centennial Celebrations. Our event was an enormous success, thanks to the participation of the wonderful talents that made it happen!
Thanks again!
KATYA is Rock and Roll's Love Child! KATYA is a first generation, American-born, Russian Freedom Rocker.
She is an amazing singer, songwriter, performer and musician with a repertoire of over 300 songs.
KATYA is a cast member in the Mark Burnett Production Reality Television Series "ROCK AND ROLL FANTASY CAMP" on VH1 Classic. The show features Paul Stanley (KISS), Marky Ramone (RAMONES), Phil Collen (DEF LEPPARD), Mark Hudson, Duff Mckagan (GUNS N' ROSES) and Matt Sorum (GUNS N' ROSES). KATYA has signed a distribution deal with Music One in the Philippines; also she was nominated for Female-Singer Songwriter of the year by the LA Music Awards. Her self-produced/written, debut album, "ROCK LIVES!" consists of internationally known guest stars: David Campbell, Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Gonzo Sandoval (Armored Saint), Jerry Peterson (Eric Clapton), Adam Cohen (Ray Charles) Paulo Gustavo (Graham Bonnet), John Philip Shenale (Tori Amos) and Eliza James (Burt Bacharach). The album was mixed by Skip Saylor/Ian Blanch and mastered by Bernie Grundman. Her music video, “Laying In My Bed,” directed by Louis Falzarano, was licensed out to the opening sequence of the MTV show, “Damage Control.”
An international tour is being scheduled for her debut album, "ROCK LIVES!".
Check for show dates at KATYAMUSIC.com. KATYA was invited to play the world-famous Venice Boardwalk Carnevale Festival, where her performance drew comparisons to 70's Rock Icons.
This review, as well as other great reviews, reached the legendary John Carruthers, of Carruthers Guitars in Venice, CA, who then provided her with a phenomenal endorsement contract of three custom-built guitars with her own custom logo. Later, KATYA performed on the tv show "Bank of Hollywood" and at the E World Music red carpet launch party. She was also featured on "America's Got Talent". Her single, “The Power of Rock and Roll,” (featuring Gonzo on drums of Armored Saint) has broken into international radio. KATYA is a featured artist in the 2009 edition of the bestselling Musicians Atlas Resource Book, and spotlighted on the “musiciansatlas.com” homepage. Planetary Group has distributed the compilation CD to more than 750 radio stations in the United States and Canada; this CD features KATYA's song, “The Power of Rock and Roll.”
KATYA rocked the Inkslinger's Ball at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Additional great endorsements were provided by Egnater Amplifiers, Get'm Get'm Wear, TKL (Custom Cases), Venice Amplifiers (Custom Amps and Mods) and Coffin Case. Out of 300 performers, KATYA was chosen by Chris Douridas and Gemma Dempsey in Los Angeles for an internationally released compilation CD called “2623 Main Street.” Her song, “Bitch and Moan,” was aired on KLOS, and her video “Laying In My Bed” was placed on Mike Galaxy's compilation DVD, “Can't Dance Ver 3”, which was screened and distributed at the Sundance Film Festival.
KATYA’s clothing line, ROCK WEAR FOR DOGS (& humans too!), has hit stores. Connect with this amazing artist and experience her transforming and extraordinary music! Her roots are Russian and her music is revolutionary.
KATYA's music career started at the early age of 5, when her grandmother insisted on giving her classical piano and voice lessons. Nina Kent, who was born in Ossa, Russia was a trained classical pianist and singer.
At age six, KATYA's interests expanded to the guitar which led her to be a songwriter. The keys to the golden kingdom were granted, and KATYA's whole world became about music. Today she is an accomplished musician playing piano, keyboard, rhythm and lead guitar as well as being an incredible vocalist and a high-energy performer.

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