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Webpage: frictionland.com

Location: San Jose, Ca, US
Friction Land is a band that relates to the story of human crisis, stress, love, hate, financial burdens, and all of the other unnecessary plagues of humanity. We bring our fans together and unite all walks of life into the fabric of oneness, an exp
In the midst of the cultural hot pot that is San Jose, California exists Friction Land, a musical hot pot of a band.

Friction Land embraces polarity in the form of contrasting hard and soft musical tendencies, often in the same piece of music.
Also combining thought provoking, philosophically charged lyrics, Friction Land creates a form of rock music that is as fresh as it is classic, and defies any typical genre labeling.

Friction Land is:

Mark Tyrrell, guitarist and songwriter. Mark lays the ground work for many of the Friction Land songs, crediting influences as varied as Mike Bloomfield and current chart toppers 3 Days Grace.

Vocalist John Abreu brings Marks lyrics to life by channeling diverse influences such as Mike Patton and Pink Floyd, exploring unexpected vocal avenues and displaying natural talent for showcasing lyrics.

Jayme Sanchez, modeling herself after the likes of Kim Gordon and Tina Weymouth, holds the bass down as the music requires.

Drummer Justin Stokes fills it all in, showing off and holding back as needed. Friction Land began creating music together in the spring of 2010. Their self-titled debut album was released in March of 2012.

Friction Land is currently working on promoting their album and are about to record the first new songs for their next album. The newest single is set to be released in September 2012.

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