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Webpage: http://www.voide.net

Location: Stockholm, N/A, Sweden


Intriguing Swedish Melodic Electronica


Voide (Dave Almgren) is a Swedish electronic music composer/producer with experience going back to the late 80s when he began experimenting with synthesizers in his teens.

After being part of various electronic music projects and several bands during the 90s and 00s, he started releasing as Voide in 2006. Voide is Dave’s own unique style, influenced by electronic music pioneers like Jean Michel-Jarre and Kraftwerk. Retro instruments such as vocoders and analogue synths are woven with sounds and technology of today and the music flows naturally between vocal and instrumental tracks.

Thoughtful soundscaping and excellent production round out a mix of elements that moves smoothly over a spectrum from dance pop vibes to soulful ambience.

Guest artists include German vocalist Suzie Electric, who featured on the single ‘Love’ in 2009. Australian vocalist Pixieguts features on a several of his newest tracks and upcoming album "Electric Jungle" in 2012. Voide’s music has been licensed for commercial use by companies such as Hearst Corporation, G2, Red Bull, Innocean, Moonstruck Productions and Sony. He is actively composing and producing music in his home studio in the northern area of Stockholm.

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