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Webpage: http://www.reverbnation.com/darkin

Location: Smyrna, Delaware, United States

Darkin is a post-grunge rock band. Our music spans our varied interests, featuring high-energy and deeply emotional songs.

Press Release:

“What’s To Come EP,” the promising debut release from alternative rockers Darkin, offers a grand vision of the future of post-grunge. The group successfully combines elements of grunge, classic rock, and punk into an extremely palatable mainstream product. The high energy of the first two tracks, Tired Eyes and Lose It All, adequately captures the band’s philosophy of a no-holds-barred live performance while simultaneously delivering meaningful lyrics.

Tired Eyes soars through the spectrum of human emotion, transporting the listener into a world of intense remorse and reflection. The lyrics are easily relatable to any listener no matter their age or life conditions. At its core, the song is a paradox between knowing the right course for the future, all-the-while remaining conflicted about taking the necessary actions.

Lose It All encompasses the best and worst in human nature. The track begins by introducing the listener to the intense and confusing reality of war on the front line.

Out of the chaotic void, the chorus erupts, reassuring the audience that all is not lost. The true brilliance of human nature is the ability of the human spirit to overcome in the face of impending odds… to carry on until the bitter end. What’s To Come, the title track of the EP, is a true story about being blindsided by divorce in the family. The track is deeply contemplative, reflecting on the unseen drama that was about to strike. All segments of the audience will easily grasp the gravity of the song, from those coping with breakups to shortcomings within their own circumstances.

Finally, The Flame represents a growing social awareness from the young band. The track reflects on the urgency for mankind to reject the failed methods of the past and embrace the light of knowledge. In an era of incredible economic and political uncertainty, The Flame seems an all-too-appropriate appeal for a nation on the brink. Many things could be said about Darkin, but one irrefutable fact is the intensity built into every song they write. The trio writes about true, meaningful ideas that are easily relatable and digested by the mainstream. With catchy guitar hooks, vocals that draw the listener in, and songs that are easily relatable, Darkin has all the pieces to become one of this generation’s most respected artists.

Darkin is an alternative rock band from Smryna, Delaware. The band name derives from the combined last names of its two founding members. The band's debut release, "What's To Come EP," spans the bands' varied musical interests.

"Tired Eyes" and "Lose It All" are highly- energetic tracks, while "What's To Come" and "The Flame" add deeply contemplative lyrics into the fold.

Formed in 2007 by brothers Frank and AJ, the band has grown by leaps and bounds since the early days of practicing in a 10'x 10' bedroom. The first two years of the band's history were primarily focused on developing their musical talents further.

AJ, originally on guitar, switched to drums early on so the duo could form the core elements of a band. At one point in the band's history, AJ even had to resort to practicing on a game consul's drum pad since his kit was only a loner. On June 6, 2009, Darkin performed its debut show.

The show was humorously stained by rookie mistakes and lack of cohesion. By polishing their sound and shows, Darkin performed at Mikestock in January of 2010.

Widely regarded as one of the most memorable performances, Darkin emerged as a highly-energetic and promising young band. Extensively writing and recording, the band kick-started 2011 by releasing its debut single "Here & Now" on iTunes.

The trio also began performing a healthy set of shows throughout the local Delaware scene. In November 2011, Darkin began receiving airplay on 93.7 WSTW's Hometown Heroes radio segment. Darkin began 2012 as an emerging powerhouse in the regional musical scene; they fostered friendships with other local bands and learned the market inside and out. They released "What's To Come EP" on iTunes, Amazon.com, Myspace radio, and all other major online retail outlets in April.

Darkin is set to perform at Baltimore, MD based indie label Groundwire Record's Open Mic showcase hosted by Chris Jennings from LACE Magazine. Shortly following, they will travel up to Atlantic City to perform with fellow local bands Crossing Oceans, The Whiskies, and others at Le Grand Fromage.

The following week, Darkin will perform live on air on 93.5 The Beach in Georgetown, DE. The young band continues to eagerly smile at what awaits them in the future!

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