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Location: Brescia, Italy, Italy Biography:

Mahabaris is a name that hide a famous English producer, that lives and work in London. He choose the pseudonym of "Mahabaris" like a tribute to one of more inspiring composer of this era, Vangelis. "Mahabaris" is also a link to the ancient indian poem, the "Mahabarata", that tell the origin of the mankind.
"Listen" is an album that want to combine different genres of music, and to create different musical worlds;the intent of the author has been to create something completely different from the music we are used to listen today.
"The Dark Age" is an electronic album, where the concept of "New Age", often empty and representative of a "beautiful, relaxing world" is inverted and used to describe the actual reality, hard, obscure, and with a uncertain future.In this album all kind of electronic sounds were used; from the modern analogic synthesizers, to the 80', cold and warmless digital sounds of the samplers.

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