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I'm from Monahans, Texas. I've played with 3 different bands, The Phantasmagoria, The Sixtyninth Street Sewage Department, and one country band. I was playing at a high school dance and met the new kid in town who said he was from Los Angeles and he knew people in the record industry. That summer I went to Tarzana, CA and met the treasurer of Capital Records. I got my first publishing deal with them. I asked the woman where I was staying "where topham street was?" she then tells me it was only a couple of blocks away. There was a studio, I walked down their with my old guitar, knocked on the door, and their was a party going on. I asked the people, "Can I play some of my songs?". They replied yes, and gave me a room to stay in. It just so happened that Chicago and the Eagles were there. I recorded my first two songs, I Don't Want a Big Heartache, and So Come On Home, there. First album, David Lewis: Molly and Me distributed by Roulette on Tiger Lily Records. It was next to Led Zeplin in all the stores. Stage manager of John Stewart music into gold tour. Second album was David Earl Lewis: Hold On To The Dream. I did the vocals on the Roy Howell ep recorded at ardent studios in Memphis, TN. I attended sound masters audio engineering. Hands on at ABC studios in Beverley Hills. Written at universal studios.

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