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Suazo - Metaphysics EP

Electronic, Downtempo, Minimal House, House, Techno, Tech House, Deep House

United States of America

Band Description

Suazo blends a variety of genres such as Downtempo, Tech House & World. He combines organic and synthetic sounds, to create a truly unique feel. His music will bring you into a meditative headspace and make you move your body too.

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Artist Biography

Suazo is a DJ & producer born from the resurgence of the rave scene in California. He creates music inspired by his ever-changing environment. He makes tracks with the sole intention of making people move. Merging genres and cultures without limitation. Seemingly unrelated sounds are juxtapositioned without prejudice, creating a feeling of overwhelming unity. Suazo doesn't break barriers with his music, they do not exist. 
Music was part of Suazo’s life from childhood, first learning trumpet at 7 years old and later guitar. But it wasn't untill college that he got his first set of turntables. While studying at UC Santa Barbara, he began to forge his path as a DJ. Early in his career, he was omnipresent in the Isla Vista house party scene After college, Suazo returned to the bay area, the place he calls home. His musical development continued, playing shows across the city of San Francisco. Performing in venues such as SF Underground, Public Works, Anu Bar and at events like the Lucidity festival. Sharing the stage with artists like Mark Farina, Christian Martin & more. 
As his career developed, so did his musical influences. While honing his skills as a DJ, minimal techno and drum & bass were strong influences. Later on, circa 2012, he added music production to his repertoire, inspired by the sound of future bass and acts like Radiohead. The phrase "Everything in its right place" is particularly relevant to Suazo's art. If it sounds good then it's right, there are no rules.
What makes Suazo unique is his organic approach in a truly digital world. While embracing technology in music, he refuses to lose the qualities that make it human. As a keen explorer, Suazo travels the world sharing his art and drawing influence from each culture he experiences. While traveling through South America, inspired by local folklore & vibrant music scenes, he discovered a passion for unusual sounds. His roots may be in house & techno, but his love of rare & ancient sounds is always evident. His music embodies and encourages self-expression in its purest form. 
Exploring new things is what makes his sound what it is. In life, an open mind means no limitations, it’s with this mindset Suazo creates music. However, his biggest asset is that he never loses sight of the main thing. No one cares if you can't make them dance. 
Metaphysics, the debut EP from Suazo is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and Beatport.

Press Release
West meets east - From Cali to Moscow
Metaphysics is the debut EP from California native DJ/producer Suazo. 
Suazo is a House/Techno artist who finds inspiration in places most people wouldn't think to look. He spent over two years traveling to more than 30 countries, finding inspiration in every new place. His travels took him from the jungles of Colombia to the mountains of northern Thailand. 
Metaphysics is a two-track house/minimal techno EP that explores the concept of retrofuturism. Acoustic meets synthetic, ancient meets modern, in proportions that mirror the artist's physical journey. The contrasting elements are brought together seamlessly to create a single entity. 
Composed in Moscow, the title track, Metaphysics featuring Voudou.Child, is driven by an ostinato melody played on a Japanese Koto. The melody has an almost hypnotic quality that tempts the listener into a dream-like state. The use of the Koto on top of modern drum samples exemplifies the diverse contrasts found throughout the EP. The vocals are spoken in Russian and inspired by an Isha meditation. Amplifying the dream-like effect of the melody, the vocals provide a strange feeling of comfortability. 
Luna is the second track on the EP. Composed in Bali, Luna gets its name from a rare astronomical event called "Super Blue Blood Moon". In contrast to the title-track, Luna is built around rhythm rather than a distinct melody. Syncopated patterns played on eastern percussion instruments like the khol and tabla are the foundation. Plucked instruments like the sitar are played in a percussive way adding to the tribal feel. Underneath these patterns is a simple four to the floor kick that makes you want to move your body.
Metaphysics is the culmination a long journey, physically and spiritually. It represents the coming together of many cultures, experiences, and influences. It is thought-provoking and meditative in equal measure. Metaphysics will transport you to a peaceful place and make you want to dance at the same time. It's a house/techno release unlike any other.
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