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Dizzy Box Nine - Pop Fantasy

Pop Rock

El Monte

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The new album from "one of L.A.'s hottest new indie bands" (L.A. Music Press). This is melodic alt-indie-pop-rock that's like diving into a sparkling pool on a summer day.

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Dizzy Box Nine is an indie-rock band out of Southern California.  The band was formed by singer-guitarist Randy Ludwig in the summer of 2016, and features the talented and versatile guitarist Tony Robles, and skilled drummer Amos Przekaza.  They play melodic, radio-friendly rock songs which have been described as  “instantly catchy,” “well-written,” and “memorable.”  They have been influenced by a variety of bands—from MXPX and the Refreshments, to Tom Petty, Maná, the Cure, and the Cars.  And yet, the music of Dizzy Box Nine is unique and stands on its own. “I like writing songs that feel good to listen to, but challenge you at the same time,” Randy states.  The band name was inspired in part by one of Randy's favorite songs growing up—"Dizzy in the Daylight" by the Dead Milkmen, and in part due to Randy’s love of numbers. 
Dizzy Box Nine released their debut record, Electric Illusion, in September 2017, and have played numerous live shows throughout the Los Angeles area in support of it.  It sold hundreds of copies and has been streamed thousands of times.  Their second record, Pop Fantasy, was released on February 1st, 2019 and has received several favorable reviews.  Randy’s goal is to release an album every year, and states he already has over 100 songs written for consideration for the next record.  Additionally, he has over 50 songs that have already been recorded, but not yet released.  Later this year Dizzy Box Nine will release Scratches, which will have about 15 of the best unreleased tracks, including the catchy jingle “Cómprame una Casa” which those close to him have been asking him to release for a while.        
Overall, Dizzy Box Nine offers something significant for music fans of all ages and backgrounds.  You can often see them perform all around Southern California, especially at the Mint, an LA favorite.

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