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London King - Broken Bridges

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United Kingdom

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London King is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK. She started performing at the tender age of 4. At age 11, she discovered his passion for songwriting and founded her very first band, called 'Rancid'. In 2012 she started her solo career.

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London King is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK. She started performing at the tender age of 4. At age 11, she discovered his passion for songwriting and founded her very first band, called 'Rancid'. In 2010 she started her solo career, releasing a dance version of her first single 'Sinking in the Darkness. When in 2012 she moved to London, UK, she met producer and award-winning musician James Colah, which re-reprised 'Sinking in the Darkness', giving it a more blues twist. Her first EP, called 'X: Golden Edition', came out in 2014. It was acclaimed by many blogs and played on many regional and college radios. In 2017, she met award-winning producer Aubrey Whitfield and began working on her second EP, 'Antichrist Child', which sees London King turn to a more electronic, experimental sound.  Her second EP was a commercial success, being played on various regional radios, included in various playlists and had many positive reviews. 2018 marked yet a new beginning for King, which began releasing new singles from her brand new EP coming out mid-2019. Half the Wolf I Know is the leading single and has been critically acclaimed by various blogs and radios, although started also some controversy due to the topic of the song. The single was featured in Sky 191's programme 'Chrissy B Show', along with a touching, heartfelt interview about King's struggle with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  According to King, this new EP is a conceptual EP, each and every song is connected to each other, and the whole product is a journey, exploring King's life and experience through music and metaphors. Her brand new single, Broken Bridges, deals with the hardship of youth, and the hunt for a stable life and the meaning of it, real love, human connections and mending old, broken friendships and relationships. The single is honest, a powerful track that speaks to the youngest generation, the one King grew in, looking for love, sincere emotions, real and solid connections. It also deals with the pain of loss, and the numbing of emotions as a consequence of being hurt. King is currently working on her fourth effort, and her next single is coming out May 24th. 

Press Release

Broken Bridges: a single about the pains of youth and growing up
London based Singer/songwriter London King recently released her brand new single, Broken Bridges, and its concept grabbed the attention of many: the hardship of youth. The song is rather autobiographic, according to King, which says 'the biggest pain of growing up, for me, was to find myself in a world that doesn't really want me and losing people. I felt constantly rejected, for one reason or another,  I have lost, and I am losing so many people I care about, at some point, I just wished not to feel anything, anymore. It was too much for me to handle.' 
And that's the main topic of the song, making it through unexpected loss, friends turning against you, a hostile society, that rejects you if you don't necessarily fit in a certain box. 'All my life, I've felt like an alien. Perhaps i do things differently, my brain works in a different way, I say things in a different way, somehow i just never seem to fit. That hurt me in many occasions, but then i reminded myself that a lot of young people feel this way, and I'm wondering if that's just one of those things you have to go through, while you're young.' 
All in all, Broken Bridges is honestly captivating, the sincerity and the vulnerability that King manages to express through her songwriting is what will make you fall in love with this piece, along with solid, astounding production from Aubrey Whitfield, and striking guitars laid by session musician Ry Jones. 
'I want young people to hear this song and know they're not alone. It might seem this way. infinite times i felt like that. Being young is not easy. growing up is probably one of the most painful processes you will ever go through. But you have to go through. It's the journey before the destination.' 
You can find the single on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal etc...
Also, you can keep up to date with London King though her Instagram: www.instagram.com/londonalanaking

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