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David Earl Lewis - Rock Classics


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Long time LA rocker. First album David Lewis-Molly and Me, second album David Earl Lewis-Hold On To A Dream. Other stuff on Tune Core and CD Baby. Additional bio on CD Baby.

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Molly and Me was my 1st album. It was in all the major record stores next to Led Zeplin.When I came to Cal. I was staying with the mills family. Billy Mills worked at Cadet records at normandie and slauson.BB King &Little Richard both recorded there. Bill took me with him to the studio and introduced me to a producer, Kieth Gravenhurst. Bill had played him some home recordings of songs I had written. Kieth asked me if I would mind singing one of his songs and I said yes. The title of the song was Day Dreamer, Waddy Wachtel played guitar and keys, and I sang. Meanwhile, I was looking in the yellow pages under recording studios. I asked Mrs. Mills where reseda st. was. She said it's only 3 or 4 blocks. So I went down there. The studio name was Fat Chance. I knocked on the door and it opened. There was a room full of people. I asked them if I could play them some songs I had wtitten and they said yes go for it.So I sang 3 songs, and they liked them. The owner said he would like to record them, but Chicago and the Eagles were booked solid for a while. I told him I had no place to stay and would have to go back to Texas. He said I have a room in the back you can stay here and do session work. One day I was cleaning up after a Flying Burrito Bros. session. and Charlie Blocker, the engineer for the Eagles said, you need to go down to the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and look for a gig if your going to be a musician. So I thumbed down there with my accoustic guitar. The 1st club I saw was Gazzari's. I Didn't have enough money to get in so I just hung around the door and listened The band sounded great, and was playing the same kind of music I had played. So they came out side and saw me with my guitar. I played them some songs and they liked them. So I joined the band Train. Tey recorde 3 songs with me at Fat Chance. I had a single releasd, recorded at gold star studios in hollywood. was my 1st record before all of this. Studio musicians were used. Hollwood Reporter "Edge Inks Lewis. So Iwas recording at different studios all over LA.All of these recordings became David Lewis, Molly and Me. Over the years I played under the name of David Lewis, or David Earl Lewis,at the troubadour, whisky, roxy, starwood, and extensively SFV. My last gig out there was 2 years ago at the Malibu pier as a guest of the Dave Mason Band.I hope this is all relevant. I played with 3 bands in texas before all of this' but they were too famous. Cat Fish and the Small Fries, The 69th St. Sewage Dept., and Phantaz Magoria.

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