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Carl Thornton - I Depend On Me


United States

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Indie Dance Artist who's sound is rhythmic, melodious, joyous, and uplifting, a blend of electronic dance and house music.

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Singer, Songwriter and Actor, Carl Thornton was born in North Carolina, but at the tender age of three, his parents moved to New York and there he was raised.  Carl began singing at age seven in an elementary school chorus.  While on stage of his very first performance he has an ephiphany, that singing is what he wanted to do with his life.
He attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, H.B. Studios and has taken classes at Broadway Dance Center.  He studies voice with Robert Marks.  His talents has taken him all over the world to such places as Austria, Germany, Istanbul, China, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Dubai.
Carl's latest single "I Depend On Me," is in a word "high energy dance track that is hypnotic, exhilarating and joyous.  With a mix of velvety vocals and a pulsating, hard driving beat, it will certainly leave the listener feeling electrified.  

Press Release

Singer/Songwriter Carl Thornton Releases New Single
"I Depend On Me," the single's title, provides a melodic drive paired with an irrestible beat that -- resulting in an electrifying club banger.  The pulsuating beat temps listeners to dance -- ad to do so with unabashed joy.
"Dance Music has always spoken deeply to my soul whenever I listen to it, "Thornton says, "my spirit automatically comes alive," it has a way of making me feel empowered, a complete zest for life and joyous."
Carl's remarkable talent has taken him all over the world, to such places like Austria, Germany, France, Italy and China.  He has also traveled to Spain, Portugal, Istanbul and Dubai, all locations for which he was contracted to tour.
It didn't come easy though, like all artists Carl has had his fair share of challenges.  But in the end he realized that all he wanted to do was sing -- and not just any kind of music.  Carl has a unique talent for dance music.  The genre has always been a favorite of the artist.
"So when I decided to start recording, dance music was a natural fit for me," Thornton says.
Carl's latest single "I Depend On Me," will be relased on 11/19/2018 and will be available on ITunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and Google Play Music.


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