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PrincessJazz first professional recorded song and music video, “Teenage Freak” is about a subject very near and dear to her heart, it is about bullying. The song encourages the listener to embrace their inner “Teenage Freak"

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Musician, Actress, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist

PrincessJazz is a 16 year old girl, who was born in New York NY but has grown up in small town USA, in a beautiful country setting of the Poconos PA. She was born with the gift of music, singing since age 2, playing piano since age 3, guitar since age 9 and all the other 3 instruments in between. She has been performing since being a toddler age 3 in piano recitals, and won the Miss Pennsylvania Sunburst pageant at age 6 beating out over 30 other girls, going on to receive an Honorable Citation in the House of Representatives by both District Congressman during a live session of the house. At age 6 years old she was signed to her still current agent, Abrams Artists New York City, so she has worked as a professional actor both voice, and on screen, stage since first grade. PrincessJazz is also a gifted student, as a junior in High School, she was inducted into the National Honor Society this year, while taking all AP and honor level classes. She speaks three languages, English, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin, which she has been studying since age 9.
PrincessJazz’s first song was written by her at age 8 and performed in front of her entire school during a grade school talent show, winning her a standing ovation. An accomplished equestrian, PrincessJazz rode horses for 5 years in the style of Hunters and Jumpers, although it’s a sport she loves, she stopped to focus full time on her first passion, which is music. By age 14, PrincessJazz had visited 8 European countries with other US students, all US student ambassadors, with the People to People program begun by President Eisenhower. She represented the US when honoring our fallen heroes on the beaches of Normandy, on the Fourth of July while in France. In that trip, all of the students represented the USA as ambassadors of our country and culture. She has returned to Europe again since then and in total between Europe, Canada, North America and Latin America, PrincessJazz has visited, 14 countries, as well as travel throughout the US.

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PrincessJazz first professional recorded song and music video, “Teenage Freak” is about a subject very near and dear to her heart, it is about bullying. The song encourages the listener to embrace their inner “Teenage Freak”, whether they are being made fun of, due to their sexual orientation, as is the case with many LGBTQ teens, or being overweight, not having money, not being popular or dressing like the rest of the kids, being different than the rest of the crowd. There are many different reasons kids are depressed and suffer a great deal from bullying. Sometimes being smart, a nerd, liking Harry Potter, or math, or having a bad case of acne or even teeth that are less than perfect. There is no limit to the reason kids bully other kids and it all hurts just the same. “Teenage Freak” is about embracing your individuality and in that weirdness, freakiness, uniqueness, “otherness”, that is where you find your power, your source of strength.
The actors in PrincessJazz’s video were primarily classmates from her high school which is a Performing Arts High School and you will notice, the different labels the students wearing black throughout the video have on.  It is a metaphor for our society, some kids are “alone”, while others are “popular” or obsessed with ‘social media’ and what is “trending”, or focus on the “labels” themselves.  That is the problem directly linked to bullying, the “labels”, the name calling, the ‘otherness’ of the victims.  Jasmine wanted to show how legends such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Jackson, RUNDMC, Kirk Cobain, The Beatles, Prince, Elvis Presley, Beyonce who all became super stars; all have been criticized to no end, whether as a celebrity, by the press, the naysayers, and who knows, maybe even as teens themselves. They too were all “Teenage Freaks” at some point and look what they became. Featured in Jazz’s music video, “Teenage Freaks” is also an LGBTQ couple, with the label that says #PRIDE, to show her support of the LGBTQ teens. She believes everyone deserves to be treated with respect regardless of their sexual orientation, gender orientation, culture or ethnicity. Bullying is bullying and she is against it. In Jazz’s ode to one of her favorite authors’ JK Rowling, she borrows a phrase from the Harry Potter series, “Wingardium Leviosa”, adding levity to her fun video while dealing with serious issues, and paying tribute to one of her favorite fandoms.  At 16 PrincessJazz hopes to capture your imagination, have you sing along with her and embrace your own individuality, be proud of who are, stay strong, and show off your own “Teenage Freak”.

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