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Bryan Motley - Untapped


Fort Worth
United States

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New rock music from Fort Worth, TX! Eclectic blend of songs for fans of all genres makes Motley Untapped a complete and instant classic.

Artist Biography

"A very emotional song. The singer voice is amazing, not too overwhelming. She sings from the heart, with soul. Its amazing. The instruments in the background brings out the fullness in her voice. The lyrics tells a story, and her voice gives it so much life. I am in awe." - Fan review of Believe
"Now this is what you call a good love rock song. I like the vocals on this track goes with the crying of the guitars and the piano playing. The lyrics are awesome too if you can relate then you'll know exactly what I mean, love the solo too!" - Fan review of Ignorance Is
"Very soft and emotional. Love the chimes and the rest of the sounds in the background of this track. His voice is powerful and you can hear the emotion in it as well. Very touching track. This was a very well produced track. Wonderful and beautiful." - Fan review of The Prayer
Bryan Motley is a seasoned songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist from Fort Worth, TX that has played with various rock bands in the DFW area over the last decade. His first solo effort, Motley Untapped, showcases his diverse musical influences, mature songwriting skills, and ability to act as producer of a full-length album utilizing a vast array of instruments. Featuring lead vocalists John-Marc Stanley and Ashley Casey, Motley Untapped has broad appeal among new and old fans of rock, blues, and alternative genres.
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