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Tim Brick - Just Passin' Through

Country rock

United States

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Raw energy and grit tempered with a dynamic vulnerability. Barrel chested baritone vocals set against a backdrop of country rock guitar stylings mixed with steel guitars,fiddles and soaring harmonies.

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       Singer, songwriter, guitarist, band leader and all around working man are just some of the words used to describe Tim Brick. Born the son of a hard living long distance trucker, Tim’s music reflects a soulful edge that isn’t afraid to get rowdy, while at the same time, is tempered by a surprising vulnerability.
  Standing on the stage since the early age of twelve, Tim is right at home entertaining audiences. His ability to engage the audience and draw them into his songs is what separates him from the average entertainer. His characteristic hard work ethic as an artist has led to four independent releases…. Boderline(2009), Free To Run(2011),  Three of a kind EP(2013) & his latest effort,  Just Passin’ Through(2017). Subsequently, his passion for music was rewarded when he was nominated for ICoMA(Independent Country Music Association) Best Country Male Artist in 2013 and again in 2014. Most recently, his album Just Passin’ Through,  was awarded the September 2017 Akademia Award for Best Country Album.
   Wanting to further his musical experience, he relocated to Austin, TX in January 2015. Proceeding to play clubs throughout central Texas, he introduced his brand of country to an entirely new audience. The exposure eventually led to the opportunity to open for country artist, Hal Ketchum at the 2015 Blanco River Flood Festival. Tim has since returned back to the roots of his Green Mountain Home to continue his musical journey.
   Raw, real and genuine to the core, that’s what Tim and his music are all about. Qualities that never go out of style!

Press Release
Barre singer-songwriter not ‘Just Passin’ Through’
The Times Argus | August 24, 2017
Rarely does a writer question the title of an album, but I must chime in: Tim Brick’s fourth album, “Just Passin’ Through,” should be called “Here to Stay.” This album defines Brick as a seriously good singer and songwriter in the country music genre, with Vermont as his base.
Brick chose Colin McCaffrey, of East Montpelier, to produce this album, a wise choice. McCaffrey has become the Vermont go-to producer for folk, country and light rock. He is a multi-instrumentalist on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass and keyboard. He knows a lot of other fine musicians who fill the slots needed to make a contemporary album sound great, and understands how to get the best work from the performers.
Brick, a Barre native, is ably backed on this 50-minute, 14-track album, for which he wrote all the material. We get an authentic Nashville/Austin sound from Brick’s guitars, Russ Lawton’s drums, Eric O’Hara’s steel guitar and Jim Pitman’s dobro. McCaffrey fills in on a variety of instruments. There’s the bonus of a chorus of Vermont vocalists including Patti Casey, Danny Coane, Mark LeGrand and McCaffrey on “Green Mountain Home.” All in all, this is a very complete album, one that could stand up to any produced in the capital of country music.
But the title seems wrong because the theme of this album, when one digs into the lyric content, reveals a performer who tried to reach the top rung of his musical quest, in this case national recognition as a country singer, but fell short. He decides instead to return home and build his career from the friendly confines of Vermont.
Brick has been performing since age 12. He has recorded four independently produced albums, “Borderline” (2009), “Free to Run” (2011), “Three of a Kind” EP (2013), and now “Just Passin’ Through.” He was nominated for ICoMA (Independent Country Music Association) Best Country Male Artist in 2013 and again in 2014. But that wasn’t enough of a boost to gain national recognition.
For a time Brick tried relocating to Austin, Texas, at the beginning of 2015. He played the clubs throughout central Texas, found a new audience and even got the opportunity to open for country star Hal Ketchum at the 2015 Blanco River Flood Festival. But as most musicians — from the very talented to the not so — find out, success at the highest level is often illusory. Eventually he returned to central Vermont, where he has been performing ever since.
“Just Passin’ Through” tells the story of his career moves and the lessons he learned. The songs generally lean in two directions: the quest to make the big time, and missing home. The album’s most insightful song, and also its best ballad, is “Neon Cross” in which Brick opines, “I’ve come 2,000 miles to find out what I love was back behind me in the hills of my home.” Here’s a line that any traveler on the road to higher fortune and fame, seeing the opportunity fade, could relate to.
“Green Mountain Home,” Brick’s ode to Vermont, is a great song that could be aimed at tourists with the tagline, “I just can’t get enough.” He follows up with the line, “I miss my Green Mountain home; I wish I never had roamed.”

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